Ten Thousand Walks Part 93

Ten Thousand Walks

Chapter 26: Final Shadow Shows


We appeared on the ground dead center under the city, I looked up at the main engine of the city. Its massive 300-foot turbines pulled air down from the sides of the city and pushed it out here. It wasn’t what kept the city in the air, but it was what kept the city stable and always leave. The same process of pulling air down through the city created a circulating air effect that countered the high winds around the city at that height. An amazing design by all standers.

Nevertheless, it had just one problem with that design that we were going to take full advantage of, and that was it had to run perfectly. If the turbine slowed or sped up too much the wind around the city would go rushing through the city or the city could lose its stability. That was just my plan; I would use my Air Blades to cut a few parts in the turbine. Very small parts, but just enough to slow the turbine down about three rotations per minute. Not enough to destabilize the city, but enough to prevent the wind countering quickly that the turbine generates. Meaning the city was about to get very windy in the city.

“Ready to get started?” I asked with a smile. “Yes, just lead the way and I will follow you up Hun.” She answered, and then looked up at the turbine. She was waiting for me to make the first move now; it was time I got started with my plan to send the city in chaos. Then, using that as cover we could enter the city without having to fight.

I looked over at her, then up at the turbine above. I drew my blades; then I vanished appearing just under the center of the turbine engine. Two quick slashes threw the casing and then one stab into the engine controller box, before I started to fall back to the ground.

With a flip, I landed on the ground feet first like a feather. “Should take about two minutes before the engines slow.” Without the controller, there will be nothing to speed it back up. “Once it has slowed too much we will be heading up to get started.” I said to her with a smile, our cloaks flowed in the wind as the city turbine slowly passed from directly over our heads.

“Let’s get this started babe.” I said with a smile, and then vanished. I appeared on top of one of the massive blades railing of the turbines. My legs hung off it balancing me as I leaned forward with my right hand reaching out and my left hand holding on to it. I closed my fingers and as I did her hand appeared in mine, then I smiled. She just nodded at me and I moved, pulling her up and sending her straight up between two of the blades and through the small shaft to the top of the city.

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