Ten Thousand Walks Part 92

Ten Thousand Walks

Chapter 25: Return Of The Shadow

I looked outside, I saw a cloud of smoke in the distance moving towards us, and I knew it was the Forge city. It was time to get started; I walked inside to a chest I hadn’t opened since the house was built, a year and a half ago. I flipped it opened, Annabella heard it open, and she walked into the room. I pulled out a dark black cloak, then turn to look at her. “It’s time we get started.” I said to her as I pulled it over my shoulders. “Oh looking good mister, but do you think you still have it after all this time.” She said with a smile, I smiled back. Vanished and I was behind her pulling the other coat in my hand over her shoulders. I leaned forward to her ear. “You tell me if I still got it.” I said then kissed her on the cheek. She smiled and took my hand and walked to the door, opened it and walked out. She turned to me, smiled, kissed me then spoke. “One more mission, our last mission, and it will all be over.” She said with a smile.

We watched as the city moved out from behind the tree line and into our view. The shadow it cast hit us and as it hit our dark cloaks, we blended in with it and vanished.

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