Ten Thousand Walks Part 91

Ten Thousand Walks

“Are you scared to go to the forge city, because it seems like you’re doing everything to keep me from going there. What are you afraid of?” I asked her as my hand ran across her face; she opened her eyes and smiled at me. Taking my hand in hers and just lying there not saying anything until I was going to ask her again. “You know you are cute when you don’t understand something.” She said with a smile, then turned her head to the lake and took my hand, pointing it to the shore of the lake. “Look out there, what do you see?” She asked me, I looked up and paused, then answered her. “I see a lake a large one that is filled by a huge network of caves that leads to an amazing underground…” her finger went to my lips stopping me from finishing my sentence.

“Hush and just look at what’s there what I see is possibilities, a vast lake that can become anything we choose. We can build anything here in this amazing place. It’s not just what’s there, it’s what can be there that’s important. That’s why I don’t want to go to the forge city I don’t want to fight I want to be happy and just live for a while. Can I have that, can you let me just live and be happy for a while please it’s all I want. And if you stay here and live with me, I promise I will repay you for giving me back my life any way I can.” She said then turned from looking at me when she stopped talking, to look at the lake, I could see a tear in her eyes. Something I had never seen from her before.

“I will make you a deal, the city follows a path, it’s a long one, but it will be back here in about a year and a half or two. How about we stay here, right here on this lake, and just wait for it to come back. No more going after it, we can just wait here for it to come to us, is that ok with you.” I said to her with a smile turning her head back to me. She smiled and jumped up wrapping her hands around me. “That’s ok pervert; I think I can handle that.” She said, with a voice that hid a cry behind it.

The next two years showed me a completely new side of her, and I showed her a side of myself that I thought I had lost over a hundred years ago. The days and weeks passed like a dream, filled with joy and laughter. We built a home to live in as we waited for the city to come back around. She even rescued a pet, well she called it a pet I called it a beast. A white tiger, one of the largest I had ever seen in all my travels.

The first year was the hard one, however, that year we had a lot to do. That was the year we built our home together, it took us almost six months of working all day almost every day to build. Once that was done, we had to find things and places to go to get all the things we would need to live the way we wanted to.

Then after that it was all fun and games so to speak, well at least that’s how I felt about things. Every day I woke up to her doing something strange, making me laugh every morning as she fought to keep me from seeing what she was doing. I even had a birthday party I knew nothing about, which I had no clue how she managed to pull off when I knew where she was all the time. Well, at least I thought I knew where she was all the time anyway.

It was the first time I was really happy and felt as if I belonged in my life and it made me wish that the city would never come back around, but I knew it would be coming soon and I was ok with it coming, though I didn’t want it to. “The city should be here in two days at most, after that it will all be over. We can finally finish what I started and get back to our life the way it should be.” I said with a smile on my face, then gave her a kiss on the lips.

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