Ten Thousand Walks Part 90

Ten Thousand Walks

From there we headed through the forest in search of the next town over. Which wasn’t all the special, but at a normal speed of travel, it would take us a few weeks to get there on foot. “How about we speed things up a bit I’ll even carry you.” I said to her as we walked. “Hmm, let me think about that. No, I think you just want a reason to feel me up we can walk. To besides what’s your hurry pervert, do you have some woman there that you’re rushing to get back to.” I just laughed as I walked. “No, no I don’t, it’s ok we can walk I haven’t really taken it easy since I started the journey to find my father so so long ago. I think you’re right that we shouldn’t hurry.” I said with a smile as I gazed into the bright blue skies. Something I had not done in so many years.

The next few weeks passed by quickly, as me an Annabella traveled to the closest city. What we found in the city was interesting and well not very unexpected to say the least. All we found was a bunch of thugs that had found a way to get Shadow, and were using it to make money. I checked it out and after giving them the anti-drug I took whatever drugs they had on them and analyzed it. From what I could tell it was the same, but just a bit stronger than the other one that Annabella use to take.

It didn’t take us long to find out where they got it from and from there we went. Day after day followed by week after week we traveled and found those who were dealing the Shadow. We shut down dealer after dealer over the months to come and soon we were almost back at the source of the drug the forge city. However, for some reason it seemed as though she didn’t want to go to the city and end all this as if she just wanted to keep on following all these trails.

I sat looking out at the lake I remember so well that lake that I was shot out of after leaving the underground city. Annabella was laying with her head in my lap, playing with her hair. I looked down at her and thought about all the time we had spent together over the past year and some. It hit me that over all that time I never really took some time to actually look at her. She was an amazing woman. Her long black hair flowed down to her hips like the shimmering waters of the lake in front of me. Her body was small and well built, but not too much, I could see the muscles in her hands but nowhere else. I looked at her with her eyes close and ran my fingers down her soft smooth skin. She was the perfect woman for anyone so why was she here with me a cursed soul wandering the earth.

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