Ten Thousand Walks Part 9

Ten Thousand Walks

He closed his eyes as he slowly exhaled, letting the sounds of the water and the feeling of the cold droplets on his skin fill his every thought. And then letting his mind wander off, not worrying about what would happen next just that one moment in time. It was an amazing feeling, as time seemed to stand still seconds turned into hours, and the moment seemed to fill his very soul. It was a feeling he never felt before, it was the first time in his life he had really just stopped to enjoy the moment.

But unfortunately as much as he would like it to, time stands still for no one. The songs of the water quickly changed, the calming malady of the water was replaced by the crushing boom of the water colliding with the bottom. The bottom of the waterfall was now inches away from him, he opened his eyes to the pitch-black cave. Then in that instant the water quickly turned on him.

Slamming his body into the water below with crushing force then pounded him deep into the depths of the icy cold waters. He struggled to swim up and forward out of the crushing waters path, but it was useless the water’s forces was just too much for anyone to overcome. It  pushed on him harder and harder pushing him deeper and deeper. Before he knew it he was slammed against the Rocky bottom of the lake below the waterfall.

Then it all went dark, his body began to twist out of shape as the crushing force of the water pounded it more and more into the lakes rocky bed. Out of nowhere, rope drifted down, an wrapped around his right leg then tightened. It slowly began to pull him out of the crushing force of the water, it took almost a full minute and by the time his body was out of the water it was mangled and bloody. It seems hopeless as the water around his body changed red as the blood could be seen pouring from every inch of his body. His bloody body was slowly pulled towards the edge of the Lake.

The person pulling his body from the Lake couldn’t be seen in the darkness, but who ever it was had to be strong. If Daniel actually survives this and woke up, he was going to be in for a very big surprise when he did wake up.

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