Ten Thousand Walks Part 89

Ten Thousand Walks

I didn’t know what else to do but laugh then vanished. I moved much faster than I had before and much further than I was able to before in much less time. The effects of the Shadow had not completely worn off yet giving me an extra boost. I stopped and didn’t even realize where I was until I saw the smoke. Then it hit me where I was, I was back at the lake that we stopped at before going to the city of the healers. Well, this time it was just whoever was here camping and me.

I walked over to the fire slowly, doing my best not to seem like I wanted to hurt the person camping. I got up to whoever it was and they vanished. No, I thought not again. “Man that took you long enough. You had me here waiting for hours you big pervert.” I just started to laugh. “Really, you leave me there in the city and now you’re saying you were waiting for me.” I said to her as I turned around. “Well, I left you a note that said to meet me here when you woke up.” She said then I pulled a note from the coat pocket she was wearing. “Oops, I guess I took the wrong coat when I left.” She said with an evil little smile. I knew she didn’t take the wrong coat, but she planed it to see if I would come looking for her. “Sure wrong coat. And I didn’t come looking for you if that’s what you think I just came back this way.” I said to her then took the compass from the other pocket of the coat she was wearing.

“Oh is that all you wanted from me just what I had in my pockets, your horrible you know that’s just horrible. Now where are we going to go from here, are we going to the forge city or not.” She said to me and stuck her tongue out at me with her hands folded.

“We do need to go back to the forge city, but we don’t need to get there now sooo… how about we just take our time and look around as we head there. You know enjoy ourselves a bit before we get back to saving everyone else. Plus, I heard rumors about a lot of strange things happing in the city close to where we are now it could be the work of the Shadow. How about we go explore and see what we can find out.” I answered her with a smile as I took her hand and pulled her along.

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