Ten Thousand Walks Part 88

Ten Thousand Walks

Act IX

Chapter 24: Bounding

The next day came and went quickly, I worked on getting the new drug ready looking over it carefully to make sure every part of it was the way it should be. The night came and I was ready to give her the new drug. “Are you ready, it’s time for the Shadow to meet the Light.” I said to her then got the needle ready. I looked up at her and smiled a year of work and it was about to pay off. I got the second needle ready and smiled as I looked at her. She sat on the side of the bed. “I’m ready now.” She said with a nervous smile on her face. I took the first needle filled with the new drug and give her the shot.

The next morning I woke up and she was gone the second needle filled with the enhancer to help the healing process was empty. She must have taken it before she left. I thought as I stretched, I felt something was wrong though; I had a strange feeling that something was off. She didn’t come and yell at me to wake up as she does every morning. I looked around the room and it hit me that all her things were gone. “Did she just leave like that, oh well not like there was any way we could have a life together anyway I don’t know what I was thinking.” I said to myself as I began to pack up my things to get ready to leave. “You know I thought she was different that just maybe I could have a taste of what it would be like to have a normal life for once. Oh well guess not, now it’s time to move on.”

I threw my coat on and put my blades on my sides, pulled my bag over my shoulder and vanished. I appeared at the front of the inn. “It was a nice visit, but it’s time for me to get going I left something in my room for you, thanks for everything see you later.” I said to Miss May then vanished. I appeared inside of Paul’s house holding a bottle in my hands. “It worked and this is for you, I changed the drug and took a few things out of it. This should just allow you to think faster no side effects. Take it once a month it wears off after time on its own if you don’t like the effects. I will see you later Master Paul.” I said with a smile, then vanished from his house.

I stood at the top of the center building in the city. “Man am I going to miss this place, but I guess it’s time for me to go on with my journey.” I said, looking around the city one last time, then vanished, seconds later I appeared at the bottom of the volcano. I looked around and I wondered where I wanted to go then I remember where I needed to go. I had to go back to the forge city and stop the drug from being made all together. I reached into my bag and stopped. “Where is my compass?” I felted around and pulled out the box. “Almost scared myself for a minute.” I opened the box and it was empty, she had taken my compass, it was the only way I could find the Forge city.

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