Ten Thousand Walks Part 87

Ten Thousand Walks

I was looking at everything all wrong; the drug was designed to be addictive. It wasn’t a side effect it was the way it was made the O8C2 wasn’t a side effect of the breaking down process it was the reason for the breaking down process. I thought the radiation that was given off was to speed the atomic structure of the person, but I was wrong well mostly wrong. The radiation did do that, but it wasn’t to allow the person to move even faster instead it was so that the O8C2 couldn’t form. Because of the high levels of movement in the atoms of the person, the O8C2 compound couldn’t form. So it wouldn’t begin the breaking down process.

I didn’t fully understand how it worked as of yet, but I knew I was close, and thanks to the Shadow flowing threw me, I was thinking and focusing much more than I was used to. By the end of the night, I had solved the problem and figured out just how to fix it permanently. I would take out the extra oxygen in the makeup of the shadow. So instead of O8C2 being released when the radiation stopped a different but similar compound would be released O2C3 this would solve it perfectly. Now, instead of the drug in the body being broken down and ripped out of the cells nothing would happen.

I got to work on finishing it before the day was through and I headed back to the inn with it. This time the antidrug wouldn’t be something that I would drink, instead I would have to inject it directly into my blood stream. I pushed it into my arm and injected it into myself, then I explain it to Paul and Annabella. What I had done was lessen the amount of radioactive material in the drug and altered it just enough to make O2C3 instead of O8C2 other than that I hadn’t changed anything. My plan was to turn the drug into the cure for the drug a genius plan I thought to myself as I felt it starting to work. I started to breathe harder as it started to have the effect I wanted it to.

The drug was wearing off, but instead of O8C2 being created in my body to breaking down and rip the drug out of my cells O2C3 was created. This was perfect the unstable O8C2   that was already in my body boned with the O2C3 and splitting off into carbon dioxide. Then it was safely exhaled. I smiled “See, it’s working, just anyone else will need a huge dose of it to get enough in their system to counteract the original. I will add and addictive to help the cells regrow and rebuild themselves faster to make sure it’s all out of the person’s system as fast as possible.” I said with a smile as Paul just looked at me shaking his head. “Wow man you did it you solved something this this whole village couldn’t solve. Congratulations, you are by all our standards a doctor of extraordinary talent.” He said as he shook my hand.

He got up and left, then turned back as he walked through the door. “Congratulations again on curing your first patient Doctor Daniel.”

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