Ten Thousand Walks Part 86

Ten Thousand Walks

I took the Shadow that night before I went to sleep, leaving the modified version of the antidrug to settle for the night so I could take it in the morning.

The next morning I was ready to have this stuff out of my system and I took the antidrug. Then I waited as I relaxed. I didn’t have anything to do that day besides just sit and wait to see what was going to happen. I laid out in the room with Annabella sitting in the chair watching me reading her book just loud enough for me to hear what she was reading. I drifted off to sleep as she read, waking up a few times when I heard the door open and close as she went in and out of the room.

The night came much faster than I thought it would and I didn’t even get up from where I was laying down for some reason I felt very lazy. I looked over at the bed and I saw her laying there. I wondered what was wrong with her I didn’t think I did anything to her, but maybe I did and that’s why she was acting like that and not saying anything to me. Oh well, I figured I would ask her in the morning, she’s asleep now or at least she’s acting like she is. I could see her taking a peek down at me every few minutes. I looked back up at the ceiling of the room. I felt a bit strange, I knew the drug had worn off already but I didn’t feel like myself. Maybe it was because I was sleeping and laying down all day so I got up and stretched.

Ahhh!! That hurts.” I said as I stretched a bit. It wasn’t as bad as the last time, but it still hurt a lot then as I went to lay back down the pain started to rush through my body like a fire burning my insides. “Hand me the bottle quickly it hurts.” I said, and she was up pouring it into my mouth by the time I was done speaking the words. I didn’t question how she managed to get it to me that fast, but I was happy she did. It flowed into my blood just in time and the pain started to go away.


“Why didn’t it work, it should have worked there must be a reason why it didn’t at all.” I said aloud to myself. “Well, it kind of did, I mean it took longer to wear off this time. Maybe next time you can work on a way to stop it from wearing off.” Annabella said as she rolled over in the bed, I just laid on the ground thinking. Noooo!!” I yelled a few seconds later. “It was just a suggestion jezz don’t have to shoot it down so hard.” She said, rolling again getting comfortable in the bed. “No, that’s it, I was looking at this wrong. The radiation is the antidrug that is already built into the drug that would explain the time limit perfectly. It would also explain why my antidrug didn’t work at all.” I said with excitement, then grabbing her and kissing her. “I think you just solved it.” I said than vanished from the room.

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