Ten Thousand Walks Part 85

Ten Thousand Walks

I left and I was very happy, even though I was looking forward to incredible pain in a very short time. I didn’t care because what I made was better than the original and that meant that I was on my way to become a real doctor and finding an anti-drug to the shadow. I smiled, laying in bed for the night; I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep.

“AHHH!!!” My screams woke everyone in the inn, Annabella jump up and grabbed on to me. “Are you ok, what’s wrong?” She said while looking around the room to see if there was anyone there that had attacked me. Then, as she looked back to me, she saw blood running from my eyes. “I need more now it’s ripping me apart inside.” I managed to hold back my screams long enough to speak, then I started screaming again. She grabbed the closes bottle and held my mouth open as she poured it down. Then she held me down as I started to shake. “Come on don’t die on me, you said you wouldn’t leave me ever, you can’t do this to me.” She said with tears in her eyes as I stopped breathing.

“No you’re not leaving me, I won’t let you.” Her crying voice said as she hit my cheeks over and over yelling at me to wake up. She cried and screamed when I wouldn’t wake up. Wake up you pervert, I love you.” She said as she collapsed on my chest crying. “Please wake up please.” She said crying as Paul came rushing into the room to see what was going on. He pulled her back, as she kicked and screamed at him to let her go. “Stop, he’s still alive, he just needs to wake back up I promise you he will be ok, now can you stand back while I tend to him.” He said, calming her down, then walking over to the bed and stabbing me in the chest with a needle. A few seconds later, I jumped up screaming. “Ahhh, what is wrong with you, why would you stab me in the heart. And why does my chest hurt so much.” I said shacking and holding my hand over my chest. I turned and I saw Annabella by the door laughing with tears in her eyes. “You big headed pervert trying to trick me.” She said with a smile and ran out the door.

“What just happened here?” I asked Paul rubbing my chest still. “Nothing, how are you feeling?” He answered me. “I feel fine except for my heart and chest feeling like someone was playing the drums on them.” I said back to him dropping back down on the bed. He just smiled and left the room.

The next morning I felt like normal again the drug was flowing through my system and I felt it. I knew I needed it now. I figured that because of how much stronger it was than the original that it must be much more addictive. Which was just what I needed in order to test the anti-drug. Though I figured after last night, I might need to make it a bit stronger for the next day. I spent the rest of the day in the lab working on making it stronger. It was a little odd though Annabella was there with me just watching my every move all day not saying much. I was as lost as to what was wrong with her, or if I had, did something to her the night before to make her mad at me. However, I didn’t want to say anything I just worked on the new drug as she watched on in silence.

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