Ten Thousand Walks Part 84

“So how long did it take you to get addicted to Shadow or how many times did you take it before you knew you were addicted to it.” I said to Annabella. “After I didn’t take it on time the second time I realized I couldn’t go without it. The first time I missed taking it, I just hurt like there was no tomorrow, but it wasn’t until after that when I got more and ran out again that it was bad. That time it didn’t just hurt but I started seeing and hearing things, all I could think about was when was the next time I would get more Shadow. Then, once I had enough for a week I felt different, as I got close to the time I would need to take it, I felt on edge and uneasy like my whole body was off.” She replied to me as the look on her face changed to one of pain, I could tell she didn’t like talking about it but I had never heard her talk about it before.

I took one of the vials, and then went bottoms up with it and within seconds I could feel it working. My body began to tense up as I felt my breathing slow, my mind slowly began to work faster and faster. Then things around me began to look as if they were moving slower. At first, it was just a bit slower, and then it started to slow down a lot more as if time was slowing down all around me.

It was amazing how things looked all around me, I could understand why this would get addictive. The next day I took it on time like I was supposed to, after this dose I wouldn’t take it again until I went through withdrawal. I felt normal that day the effects were not as noticeable, but that was only because I was starting to get used to it as she said I would. “It’s been a day already, why hasn’t it started to wear off yet?” I asked Paul that night, as I stretched, then sat down in the chair for him to take some of my blood. He took a sample of my blood and put it under the microscope to take a look at it, after a few minutes of him looking at my blood and comparing it to Annabella’s he spoke. “Well, that’s interesting, it seems as though the version we made is just a tiny bit stronger than the original. Maybe it’s because we have a better mixing system here so it comes out better.” I smiled, this was the first thing I made that he complimented. “Well, it’s better made, but the drug will still have the same effect as the original, the side effects of withdrawal should kick in later tonight, maybe in the morning we just have to wait and see.” He said laying back in his chair with a smile. “Ok, that sounds good I think I’ll go and get some rest and see what happens tomorrow.” I Replayed to him then got up out of the chair and headed to the door.

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