Ten Thousand Walks Part 83

Ten Thousand Walks

I sat there for about 20 minutes reading and wondering what just happened, then the door opened and in she walked. “Ok, it’s time for us to get you studying the way you need to. No more slacking off.” She said with a smile as she stood in front of me with her hands on her hips. Then she pulled the book from my hands and opened it to the very back. “When I was studying I learned a very good way to study that made everything go much faster, and from that look you had earlier, I know that this is just one of many books you have to study. So we are going to study my way and that is to start from the back. I learned that if I studied from the end first by the time I got half way to the front I understood everything already. So let’s get started pervert. Oh, and I’ll even give you a reward if you go fast enough.” She said then handed me back the book and sat on the bed in front of me pointing at the book with a rod in her hand.

From then on, I did things her way, day after day we studied together and the time went by quickly as I learned even faster than I ever had before. The days turned into weeks, then months and I got closer to finding a counter drug with each passing day. Though at times it seemed as though I would never find one and I might as well just give up but I didn’t. Mostly because she was right there reminding me of what I would be saving and slapping some sense into me when I talked about giving up.

Almost a year passed by and it felt like the blink of an eye, I had read every book in Paul’s library and was moving on to the other top doctor’s books. Yet still the correct formula eluded me, but with each book I got a bit closer and soon, I was almost there. A year to the day after we arrive in the city I had what I thought was something that I could use as a counter agent but I wasn’t sure if she would survive taking it. So I did the only thing I knew to do to test something dangerous I would test it on myself and see what would happen.

First, I had to actually use Shadow to see if the counter would have the effect I wanted. What’s more, I had to get addicted to Shadow to see if what I made would cure it or if it would just be something else that whoever took would be addicted to now. Either way it was still better than the Shadow and didn’t have any of the bad side effects.

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