Ten Thousand Walks Part 82

Ten Thousand Walks

I decided to go and study on my own; I figured I would be able to study more and faster if I wasn’t surrounded by what I still had left to do. I went back to the inn and sat in the room with the book open, I was doing my best to stay focused on it and keep reading. At first, it was easy to do, but after some time it got a lot harder to stay on track. About half way through the day I was about to drift off to sleep reading, then she walked in. Heyyyy pervert how’s the studying coming along or are you just reading about perverted things.” She said as she walked in the room.

“You know I have a name Annie, yep how do you like it when someone doesn’t call you by your name. You don’t like it do you Annie.” I said, trying my best to come up with a better name than Annie, but I couldn’t, I just wasn’t that good at coming up with stuff like that and it showed. She started to laugh as she dropped down on the bed on her back. “Annie is that the best you got really. Hmm, well I actually like it, it’s cute like me, and it fits me. So tell me what you are studying now lover boy.” She said as she twirled her hands through her hair. “The building blocks of all things are what I’m studying.” I answered.

I didn’t hear anything from her for a while, I looked up from the book, and she was just glaring at me. I looked at her confused by what she was looking at. She just smiled and rolled over and closed her eyes. “Your nice you know that, and I’m sorry for all the trouble I put you threw I promise I will repay you anyway I can just name it.” She said catching me by surprise and leaving me speechless. “Well, I would say you can help me study, but I don’t think you know anything about this stuff to help me anyway.” I answered her after being left speechless for a few minutes.

“You know I wanted to be a teacher when I was younger, I even started to train to become one. But it’s just my luck that my life changed and went in a different direction than what I wanted when I was a young child.” She said to me with a smile as she got up off the bed and looked down at the book in my hands to see what I was reading. She then kissed my forehead and jumped up off the bed, then ran out the room as if she was late for something. This left me very confused, I mean what was going on here, why did she do that was she trying to get me to stop studying.

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