Ten Thousand Walks Part 80

Ten Thousand Walks

Then finally at the end of the first stage as the drug hits the heart and brain. It coats the heart, allowing it to beat faster without rupturing and causes the brain to send signals to the heart to speed it up. Stage two is much less complex, the radiation given off by the drug as it breaks down, causing the atoms in matter to move at a high rate. This effectively slows time down for that individual; this is not a huge speed difference only adding about ten seconds to every minute. However, it is just enough to give the drug the boost it needs in stage three.

This stage is the stage where it really happens, up until now the body has only been prepared for the actual speed this stage is what gives the mind the boost it needs. In the third stage the drug changes as it decays in stage two to give off radiation. Changing the drug from a general enhancer that is triggered based on where in the body it is to a specialized one that is focused on nerves. The drug becomes magnetized to the nerve cells in the body attaching to all of them throughout the body. Then it pushes them into overdrive. The drug not only coats and strengths the nerves, but it also increases the rate at which the signals are sent over two hundred times. It does this by filling in any gaps a nerve has in it and the gaps in between them with a specialized coating fixing any damage the nerves have in that process. Then, as the chemicals bound to the cells they increase the rate at which the electric signals that flow through them can travel by over six hundred times.

Once this effect hits the brain the person’s mental abilities increase almost exponentially, allowing the person to think fast enough to move at an accelerated rate and still stay in control of their body. Combine with the first two stages the person is fully ready to use the phantom style. In stage four the stage in which the phantom style is used. The final part of the drug is released into the blood, this part forces the person’s mind to be clear of all but one thought at a time. This allows them to have the focus needed to use the phantom style. This final part of the drug also has a time-release agent to break all the parts of the drug down and leaving behind O8C2, a substance that cannot be created naturally and has a highly addictive effect on the body as it cause the nerve cells to break down and misfire. Causing extreme pain, problems moving, and varying twitches as the nerve cells return to the state they were in before the drug was taken. Along with the small amounts of damage the O8C2 does to every cell in the body as it breaks down the drug around it or within it.

This was something that I knew I wouldn’t be able to fully understand anytime soon. Not only that, but from what I understood of what Paul was explaining, in order to find a counter agent that would counteract the drug safely, we would have to make one just as complex. Which I knew wasn’t going to be an easy task from how Paul marveled at it as if it were something so amazing and out of this world that it couldn’t be from this planet.

As I left him that day, I made a vow to myself, to work on finding a way to stop this drug no matter how long it would take me or what I would have to endure in order to find it.

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