Ten Thousand Walks Part 8

Ten Thousand Walks

Oddly enough, the River Daniel was floating down did not let out at the ocean, instead its mouth was a waterfall, known as God’s Mouth. It is the second largest water fall on the planet; soaring into the skies just about 500 feet from bottom to top. This extreme height was due to a 300-foot deep cave that the waterfall fell directly into. This of course was common knowledge to everyone. What wasn’t common knowledge however was what was on the bottom of the waterfall. Which was a secret society unknown to the world for hundreds of years.

This was all going to change as this secret society was about to meet and outsider like no other. Daniel heard the rushing waters in the distance and he knew instantly what it meant. There was a waterfall close by, and based on the last place he was he knew it could only be one waterfall. An eager grin came across his face, he was going to start seeing the great waterfalls of the world a lot sooner than he had expected.

He smiled as he began to swim faster towards the mouth of the waterfall; the water around him began to move faster and faster caring him along even faster. Soon he was no longer swimming but instead just staying afloat as the rushing waters of the river pulled him towards the edge. The sound of the waterfall grew with each passing second; soon the son of the rushing water became a roar. The sound filled the atmosphere, shaking and vibrating everything around the waterfall. He could feel the vibrations going down his spine sending tingles through his entire body. His heartbeat grew faster his palms clenched and his eyes grew wider, all in anticipation for the fall.

He grabbed onto the straps of the bag he was wearing, then pulled it close to his back, then braced himself for the fall. He could see the rushing waters falling over the side, and as dangerous as it looked it was also beautiful at the same time. The mist from the water flowed like a cloud over the edge and back up again. Making the deadly rushing water look like a soft cloud slowly overflowing and floating down the side of the cliff into the cave below. Daniel knew better, he knew that the cloud of beauty hiding the waterfall was only formed on the deadliest of waterfalls. As the thought ran through his mind his faced changed, this was going to be the greatest moment of his life thus far. The grin on his face when from ear to ear as he went into the cloud. Moments later, he was going over the edge, there was no turning back now.

Over he went. Falling through the air and water was like nothing he had felt. The sound of the water was different than he expected. It was as if every time the water hit the back of the waterfall it made the sound of a footstep. There was so much water hitting behind him it sounded as though there was an army marching behind his head. Then there was the sound of the water moving through the air, which was like a beautiful song being sung by thousands singers. It was a quiet song but yet it was so loud that he could feel it echoing through his very being. As he looked around he could see the water around him slow the faster he fell. Soon they were moving at the same speed. The ice-cold water soon engulfed him as he passed through the opening of the cave mouth, he would be at the bottom soon.

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