Ten Thousand Walks Part 79

Ten Thousand Walks

What do you mean by less powerful anyway, do you mean taking away some of what it can do?” I asked him, wondering how it could be less powerful I mean it only did one thing really so it must mean he was making it have less of an effect. “It’s simple really, the drug affects the body, and it affects the atoms that your body is made of separately. Seeing that I have figured out how it affects the body, but not anything else I can lessen that part of it.” He answered me, leaving me even more confused than I was before asking the question. “Well, you see the drug is useless unless you can actually focus enough to active it. By lessening the potency of the part of the drug that affects your body functions I can affect how long a person can actually use it to move fast also I should be able to remove the withdrawal side effects. Though it will take me about a month to come up with a new formula that will have that effect.” He explained and this time I understood what he was saying.

Ok well you can take your time on finding a counter agent if you can do that. But I have one more favor to ask you.” I said as I looked around the room with a big smile on my face. “Yes, what do you want to ask me to do?” Paul answered me looking up from the microscope. “I want you to teach me, I want to be able to help heal others not just protect them.” I answered him, he looked shocked by the words I had just said, and bit speechless. Well well what brought this on? You use to be all about exploring and seeing the world, now you want to be a healer and a protector. What’s with the whole life change?” He said as he pulled up a chair.

“Well, it’s nothing really just that I feel as though I’ve been running from who I am and after my journey looking for my father and finding him, I’m starting to realize I’ve been wasting my life. They are so much more important things I could be doing with my life other that just seeing the world.” I said to him with a serious look on my face.

Well then it’s time we get you started then. The first thing we will be doing to start your training off as a doctor will be to start understanding this drug seeing that you have such an interest in it.” He said to me while showing me to the telescope. “Though I can tell you all of what is in here I can’t for the life of me figure out how they came up with this mix it’s just an amazing feat or pure dumb luck.” He continued to talk about what was in the drug most of which went over my head when he used technical terms, but I did manage to understand how the parts of it affected the person that took it.

The drug functioned in four stages, the first of which gets the body ready. At this stage, the drug begins to flow through the person’s bloodstream, getting into the organs and cells. Enhancing their functionality. The muscles of the body would be lined with the drug forming an agent that strengthen the muscle fibers as it mixed with the natural chemicals given off by functioning muscles. As it entered the lungs and mixed with the oxygen and carbon dioxide in the lungs, the compound it created causes oxygen atoms to bond to each other and repel carbon. Causing the amount of oxygen in the lungs to jump along the lining of where oxygen is absorbed as the carbon dioxide waste is split down, pushing the carbon to the center so the oxygen absorbing tissue in the lungs get rushed with high levels of oxygen without any movement of the lugs at all.

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