Ten Thousand Walks Part 78

Ten Thousand Walks

Chapter 22: The Drug

The sun rose high in the sky, the next day and I headed over to see Paul, I wanted to see how much work he had gotten done on the drug. As I walked to his house, I looked up, thinking about how much I loved this place. Maybe it was because I wasn’t all that fond of the sun and the town was in the Shadow of the sides of the volcano for most of the day. On the other hand, it could be how the people were always looking for new interesting things to study and learn.

My mind wandered back to what I was doing as I reached Paul’s doorway. “Hey Paul you in there? I hope I’m not bugging you too much I just wanted to see if you looked at the sample I gave you yet. I know it’s only been a day so it’s no big deal if you haven’t.” I said from outside the door, then waited for an answer. After a few minutes, I figured he must not be home. Oh well, I will come back later. Then, as I walked away from the door, I heard Paul’s voice. “I’m coming, I’m coming don’t leave.”

I turned back and he opened the door to let me in, he was wearing a plastic apron and had a mask on that was pulled down around his neck. “I was actually looking at the sample you left me it’s amazing. Has it really been a day since you left it with me? Feels like I’ve been looking at it only a few hours. He said as I walked into the house, I noticed he was wearing the same thing he was the night before when I came to see him. “Have you been looking at that since I gave it to you?” I asked him in shock. He looked at me, smiled and pulled the mask up. “Well, yes I mean at first I just wanted to see if it was just the bottle or if it drug was actually glowing but then I got carried away. You have no idea how complex this formula is it’s amazing.” He said to me from behind the mask as he walked away, he walked through the house and into his lab as I followed him.

There were pieces of paper all over the floor and desks that were in the room he used as his home lab. “So have you found a counter agent to it yet, or have you found out how it works?” I asked, hoping for a yes, but he just looked at me with a weird smile and then turn back to the microscope as he started to speak. “Well, no I haven’t, well not yet anyway. I have figured out a few things about how it works though. It’s amazing to say the least just simply amazing. The drug affects every part of a person, it enhances their muscle, gives a person greater focus, even increases the amount of oxygen a person’s body takes into their blood with each breath of air they take… I’m sorry, but honestly, it will take me months to figure out how to make a counter agent that is safe for someone to take with this. However, I am almost at the point where I can copy the formula and make it a little less powerful.” It was better news that I had thought I was going to get so I was happy with what he said.

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