Ten Thousand Walks Part 77

Ten Thousand Walks

What was around us was what made this city so special of a place. The city wasn’t built on top of a volcano, but it was built inside of one and it was an active one too. At the side of the city, lava could be seen flowing out from under the city. The entire city was designed to keep the volcano from erupting and to keep the people in it safe.

First off, most of the buildings were in the center of the city, which was lower than the sides. This way the weight of the city itself would push out the lava to the sides of the city as it came up. The sides of the city had large carves dug into the ground that would release the pursuer from the lava that was being pushed out, by letting some of it run out and off the sides of the hills.

However, the part of this that was most ingenious was the pumps that pumped water up from the bottom of the lake two miles away from the bottom of the volcano. How it worked was so simple yet worked so well. It was the lava, at the sides of the city where the lava flowed out it would push against metal panels that blocked the outlets the force of the lava would move the panels and turn a pump. However, that pump wouldn’t be nearly strong enough to pump water up so high. Therefore, what they did was use a pressure pump that pumped more water the harder it was pushed down. The lava flowed out right on top of the pressure pump, and would push it all the way down pulling the water up from the lake. Then, once the pump was pushed all the way down the top would lean and pour all the lava out as the lava was temporally blocked by the same swishing stemming that dumped the lava.

The water was then pumped into a large pool at the center of the town, which connected to small gutters that run out of it to help cool the ground of the center of the city and to provide clean water to the city at the same time. Which was also heated all the time to kill almost anything that could get someone sick. One of the reasons most people here became healers, so that when people came here to relax in the healing waters they could go to the healers in the city for anything that still bothered them. I explained to her as I pointed everything out. “But won’t that water get dirty after a while.” She asked as she looked at me with a confused look on her face while looking into the crystal clear waters.

I laughed, and then spoke. Aww, I thought you figured it out. The water is pumped in there, then pumped back out to all the homes in the city, then it is pumped off of the sides to cool the lava and help things grow. Also a lot of it simply boils away in the center of the town, the water there is clean because it’s always fresh water coming in and water going out and no used water coming back.” I said to her with a smile. “Let’s go for a walk and take it easy for the next few days we have plenty of time before we need to get started with anything.”

We spent the next few days just relaxing and wandering around the town. I also took the time to get to know Annabella a bit better; I wanted to know why she took the Shadow in the first place. But I really wanted to know if she was involved in anything, or if she was being used like she said she was.

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