Ten Thousand Walks Part 76

Ten Thousand Walks

I headed  back to the inn for the night I was actually really tired, the past few days I have been pushing it none stop and not getting very much rest. And even though I couldn’t die, I could still pass out like anyone else. Which is what I felt like doing at this point I didn’t even think I could do another phantom step. Which I wasn’t about to try and do anyway, I just wanted to lay down and sleep the day away well, maybe the next few days, but I knew that wasn’t going to be happening so waking up late in the morning would have to do for now. Until I got things in order anyway, then I was going to take a few days for myself just to sleep.

The next morning there was a tug at my arm, I felt as if someone was trying to wake me earlier than I wanted to. So I did the right thing in my mind and just ignored it until it stopped. Eventually I woke up and got out of the bed to find that the room was empty. “That’s odd, I thought she would still be sleeping here too, I didn’t think she would leave after I didn’t get up this morning. Oh well, I’m not missing out on anything now am I. Man, why do I still talk to myself after all this time, I really need to stop doing this.” I said to myself, then walked to the window, looking out of it to see what was different about the city since the last time I was here. Didn’t look as if anything had changed, besides paint on the buildings.

Down stairs, I saw Annabella waiting for me to be up talking to Miss May. “About time you woke your lazy self-up. You promised me a tour of the city now it’s time for you to keep it I’m waiting.” She said as I walked up to her. “Yeah, I know don’t rush so much I was coming to find you so we can go so just take it easy ok.” She looked at me lifted her hand as if she was going to slap me then she just put her hand on my cheek and patted it softly. “Good boy.” She said with a smile, then turn back to Miss May. “Thank you for everything I will be seeing you tonight someone has to take me out today.” She said to her. “Well, you have fun now and don’t let him get out of line with you ok.” Miss May replied as Annabella stood up and began to head for the front door.

We walked out of the inn and I pointed to a tower that was close by. “Up there is where we will start I have something to show you.” I vanished and reappeared at the top of the tower, she was close behind me. “What is it you have to show  me that we need to be up here for, it better not be something perverted or I will kick you off of here got it.” She said with an annoyed voice. I just laughed for a second, then I pointed out. “Just look around.” I said to her.

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