Ten Thousand Walks Part 75

Ten Thousand Walks

I just smiled, then I walked in front of her heading to the room, I opened the door as I started to speak. “Let’s get some rest tonight ok and I will show you around the town in the morning ok. It’s actually a very nice city here I’m sure you will love it.” I said to her standing next to the open door to let her in.

That night was very quiet, I assumed it was because we spent all day climbing that she had no energy to complain about anything. And before I could even try to say something to her, I realized that she was already asleep. So I let myself out of the room to go out for a bit I needed to check on the drug. I headed to the house of one of the healers I knew the last time I was here.

“Hey Paul, it is Paul right?” I said as the door opened and a tall man stepped into the doorway. “Yes, it is. Do I know you?” He said, as he looked me up and down. “Wait is that you Daniel? Oh, wow, it is you. You haven’t changed a bit; I mean, wow how do you do that.” He said again jumping to me and hugging me. The last time I had seen him, he was just ten years old, and one of the smartest in chemist in the city and I don’t mean for his age he was better at chemistry than most of the adults. I just wonder how much better he had actually gotten since I was last here.

“Come in, come in, what brings you to see me today my friend.” Paul said as he showed me inside and to have a seat. “Well, I need your help with something, It’s very important to me. Well, actually, it’s not just me, it’s important because it’s a drug that gives people extra strength, but slowly kills them as a side effect. Not just that, but it’s very addictive. I want your help looking for something to counter it, so that I can use it to help get whoever is on it off and stop them from using it.” I said to him. “Well, that’s something I can and will be more than happy to help you with. Just one question I want to know why you want my help. Why is this important to you?” He said to me as he leaned forward in the chair he was sitting in. “Well, it’s because the drug gives the person that takes it an ability that I have spent a very long time learning to do, so it’s my fault that it’s even something that people can get addicted to. Thus, I want it gone.” I said, answering him.

“You haven’t changed a bit have you, well I will help you do you have a sample of the drug with you or a blood sample of someone that has taken it lately.” He asked me laying back in his chair. I pulled out one of the vials filled with the drug and handed it to him. “Oh yeah, I wouldn’t take any of it if I were you, by the way.” I said as I stood to my feet about to leave. “What does this thing do to a person anyway?” Paul said as he held the vials above his head, looking up into it as it swirled and glowed. “This?” I said and as his eyes came down to me, I vanished from them, tapping on his shoulder from behind the chair making him jump up. I smiled as he turned then I vanished from the house.

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