Ten Thousand Walks Part 74

Ten Thousand Walks


Chapter 21: The City Of Healers

We landed in the center of the city, everyone around us stood still looked over at us then back to what they were doing as if it was nothing out of the ordinary. “Really, you people must have problems. We just fell from the sky, and we get no attention not even a greeting.” Annabella said as she pushed off of me and dusted herself off, mumbling about how perverted I was. “Oh, stop it you know you liked me carrying you and you need to relax. To these people you aren’t that weird, falling from the sky is how anyone gets here. Though falling without ropes or anything is a bit different.” I said back to her laughing a bit.

I walked and took her hand. “Come on, it’s time for us to find a place to rest.” I said as I pulled her along. “What do you mean us; you need to find me a place to rest away from me, not together with me, and you big pervert trying to get me alone.” She said to me, oddly enough, she wasn’t pulling her hand out of mine, but she was still hitting me. Such a weird woman doesn’t even know what she wants herself.

I took her to the center of the town marked by a tall building. I walked into it and was greeted as I entered the doorway. “Daniel it is so good to see you again, it has been too long.” The voice of an old woman said from behind a desk across from the door. “Hello again, Miss May It’s been a long time I’m surprised you remember me.” I said back to Miss May walking up to her and hugging her. “This is Annabella; I’m going to need a room for the two of us if you have one. I’m not sure for how long I will be here, maybe a few days or a few months I’m not sure as of yet.” I said to her while I looked around the inn. Nothing much had changed in the forty years since I was last here. Well, almost nothing, the old woman use to be a girl just about to come of age, now it looks as though she is running the inn, her parents built and from the looks of this place she is doing a good job of it too.

My attention was brought back to Miss May as she began to speak again. “You can have the room you were in the last time. I don’t get a lot of people this time of year; you remember the way to the room right.” She said to me as she walked around Annabella. “Oh, by the way do you need a room for her to or is it just the one room.” She said as she walked back to her desk and opened her book. “No the one room is good, I’m sure she won’t mind one bit.” I said with a smirk, which was quickly followed by a slap. “The one room is fine, not like that pervert won’t try and come in the room other room if there was one anyway.” She said as she took the key to the room and walked off.

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