Ten Thousand Walks Part 73

Ten Thousand Walks

We headed towards the volcano; it wasn’t a hard walk seeing that everything was flat. Well for now, anyway once we hit the climb we would be going up 2 miles and only half a mile over so pretty much straight up no walking. “I think I want to skip this part, hey do you want to carry me for a change.” I said with a straight face, hoping for here to give me her normal reaction, but instead of a slap, I got a look. “No, you just want to be on top of me you pervert. Don’t go thinking I like you because of last night. I only did that because there were bugs in the tent, I think you put them there to scare me.” She said as she looked at me with an angry look. I just laughed it was nice to see her back to her normal self.

We began the very steep and long climb up the side of the volcano, wasn’t long before we were tired and needed a break. As we rested, I looked over the side to see how far we had gotten, and was kind of disappointed that we had barely even gone anywhere. Looks like this climb was going to be a lot more difficult than I had originally expected. “Do you think we can make it to the top by nightfall?” I asked Annabella while drinking some water and looking out and up at the top of the volcano. “No, that’s not happening, it just isn’t I mean really, do you see how far up the top is. We will be lucky if we make it there tomorrow.” She replied to me, then stood up and began to climb again.

We climbed until the sun set that day. “Let’s stop I can’t keep going I can hardly see. And I’m a girl stop making me work so hard you pervert.” She said as she sat down on a small rock that stuck out from the cliff face we were climbing up. I looked at her and then I looked up we were only an hours climb from the top and there was nowhere for us to sleep safely here. “Sigh we can’t stop here, it’s not safe you could fall if you’re not paying attention. I guess I’ll have to carry you up the rest of the way. Take the rope and tie it around me and you then hold on tight, this is going to be a lot bumpier than before.” I said to her as I helped her wrap the rope around us.

I took a look at everything around me then found a good solid rock to stand on to get started from. Then I took a deep breath as I looked to see where I could jump to, and then vanish. I went from rock to rock as quickly as I could vanishing right after I appeared on it in order not to stay on them for too long. I wasn’t going to take the chance and wait to see if the rock or where ever I appeared on would hold our weight. A few minutes later and we were at the mouth of the volcano looking over into it as clouds of white smoke slowly drifted up to us.

“We are here finally, the city of the healers is below us are you ready to go.” I said to her then jumped before she could give me an answer.

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