Ten Thousand Walks Part 72

Ten Thousand Walks

“So you have a few problems when you move.” I said to her as I ate the food she made. “What you need to do is relax first, it seems as though you are working against yourself when you move because of how tense you are. This taste good by the way. Anyway, what you need to do is you need to plan your movements before you move, plan all of them so that you are thinking what you will do after your next two moves before you make the first. Also, you need to clear your mind of all other thoughts.”

I finished eating and stood up, then looked around and spotted a small clearing about half a mile away on the side of the hills we were about to go into. “There I want you to get to the clearing right there make sure you do what I told you and you should be able to get there with no problem at all.” I said with a smile as I pointed at the clearing.

She looked up at it and vanished, I gave her a few seconds, then I pulled the straps on the backpack I was wearing tight, and then I vanished. I showed up, turned around, put my hands out, and caught her, as she appeared falling forward. “That was a lot better and sees it didn’t hurt this time did it. You still need a lot of work, but we will work on it tomorrow when we arrive.” I wrapped my hands around her and smiled. “Hold on tight, we are going a lot further this time than we did before.” I said with a smile and vanished.

I stopped to rest for a few minutes every few miles for the rest of the day. However, we spent most of the day moving. Though we could have walked I knew that I should hurry and get there to get her looked at, I had a strange feeling that something was off about her. I also had a good idea that the cause of it was the shadow, which was actually the reason I was teaching her how to move better.

The sun started to set and I stopped for the day, we had traveled almost 400 miles already, this means that we could walk the rest of the way tomorrow and I was really tired. We set up camp for the night in a large valley that lay at the bottom of a volcano.

I watched the stars in the sky as I thought about my life so far, I figured I would sleep out here tonight  and let her have the tent all to herself. I smiled, it was such a clear night as I drifted off to sleep, thinking about what I would be doing the next morning.

I was awoken the next morning by a tug on my arm. It was her getting all comfortable with my arm. “Really, it’s time to wake up we have a long day ahead of us Anabella.” I said to her as I pulled my hand away from under her. She just looked at me with a blank expression that screamed, I got caught. She didn’t say anything at all as we got ready for the long walk ahead of us. Which I honestly found to be a bit disturbing.

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