Ten Thousand Walks Part 71

Ten Thousand Walks

After I finished eating and getting ready to go, I looked at her with a very sinister smile. “I’m going to need one of the vile of shadow. I am also going to  need you to actually learn how to use the phantom style the right way, so take one of my coats and put it on it will help you be able to move a bit easier. Do you see that tree over there? I want you to use two steps to get to it.” I said, pointing at a tree about 700 feet away. “Yeah, I see it what about it?” She answered me with a confused tone. “Well get going you have a minute to get there, I need to see how you actually move before I can help you move the way you should.” I said back to her as I put the backpack on and pulled it tight.

She looked at me angrily, then vanished, I watched closely as she moved to see just what she was doing that was hurting her body. She arrived at the top of the tree and I smiled, I moved appearing next to her a few seconds later. “Let’s go no time to waste.” I whispered in her ear as my hands went around her waist and I moved vanishing and taking her with me.

I kept going pushing myself from one phantom step into another without stopping. Spinning around trees as I moved and rushed through the forest, leaving a path of broken trees behind me as the air, followed me ripping through the leaves and branches behind me. I stopped after twenty miles at the top of a tree, then just dropped straight down from it and vanishing again a few feet from the bottom, appearing on the ground a few feet over looking up and watching the top of the tree get ripped off by the air that was following me.

“We can take a break here for a bit, I’m going to take a nap can you make me something to eat after all it’s only fair I’ve been carrying you this whole time.” I said to her smiling with my eyes closed, expecting her to slap me. “Yeah I’ll make you something for when you get up.” She said as I heard her walk away from where I was laying. I was left speechless; there wasn’t even any anger in her voice. Maybe she was hungry too, even though we had eaten about a half hour before. On the other hand, maybe she was actually being nice to me now and she was over the calling me a pervert thing.

Wake up pervert you have slept enough, and I made you something to eat even though I shouldn’t have.” She said as she pushed me, waking me up from my nap. “I guess not” was the first thing I thought as I opened my eyes. Yeah yeah I’m up now let me eat, we have a long way ahead of us for today.” I said as I stretched a bit, then took the food she handed me.

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