Ten Thousand Walks Part 70

Ten Thousand Walks

She hit me right across my face a lot harder than I expected her to be able to. “Shut up you. You pervert it’s your fault you had one tent, you just wanted to try and get me in here so you could have your way with me.” She said as she pushed me away from her, I just laughed and got up. “Come on pack up your things we have to get going in a bit. There is a lake about a mile up from here, we will stop there and eat before hiking. I will go get rid of the plane while you get ready for the journey.” I said to her as I walked over to the plane and started packing everything up for the upcoming journey.

It didn’t take us long to pack everything up and be ready to get going, we hopped into the plane and off it flew. I brought it down by the lake to let her out and to take out what we would need for the journey. Then I headed back in the other direction along the path that we were taking the day before. I jammed the controls for the plane in place to keep it flying in a straight line, then opened the hatch and out I jumped hitting the ground seconds later. “Hmm, I wonder how far they are behind me; I know there’s no way that they would just let me leave just like that.” I said to myself looked around then vanished. I reappeared at the top of a tree a few hundred feet away. “Did you hear something?” I asked myself as if I was going to answer back. I looked all around to see what I could have heard; I heard it again, a whispering sound coming from the distance. I turned and looked, and there in the distance were five carriers headed this way. I smiled and vanished.

I went from one phantom step right into another all the way back to the lake. Something I soon learned wasn’t a good idea when you wanted to stop. I appeared at the edge of the lake, trying to look like I was totally the man. Going from one phantom step into another meant I was actually gaining a bit of speed each time, and that the air behind me was following me with quite a bit of force. So instead of coming to a stop next to the lake, I appeared and stumbled just a bit almost falling into the lake. Then, as I tried to play it off the force of the air that was following me hit me and knocked me about three feet over and straight into the water.

“Oh wow is that how you look cool, I mean I know you’re from a different time than me, but was it ever cool to get knocked into a lake by wind.” Anabella said laughing at me. “Oh, ha ha very funny, I’m glad that I amuse you.” I said back to her as I walked out of the water. “Did you make me something to eat, I’m hungry.” I asked her as I walked over to the fire that was there.

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