Ten Thousand Walks Part 7

Ten Thousand Walks

Chapter 2 The journey Begins

“Yesterday I turned 200 years old and it was by far the best birthday I had ever had. Not only did I get to see my father after so many years. I was also given the greatest gift I could ever get. Nevertheless, after finding out the truth I felt like a completely different person, as if I was handed a pass to a brand new life. Starting from today, I’m going to be living everyday like never before. But first I should really stop talking to myself, can’t believe I still hold conversions with myself after 120 years of telling myself that I won’t do it anymore.” Said Daniel to himself as he sat up on the bank of the river he had fallen asleep next to the night before while thinking about all the things he wanted to do.

He looked down at his reflection in the water, took a deep breath and began thinking about where he would go from this point. He reached out and touched the water with the tips of his fingers then moved them across his reflection slowly, doing his best not to ripple his reflection. “Hmm so where do you think we should go today handsome?” He asked his reflection then swiped his fingers across the surface of the water quickly, distorting the bottom of his reflection but not his face. Then with a great big grin on his face, he stood to his feet, looking in every direction as he decided which way he would be heading off to. North he thought, that would be the best use of his time.

“Wait a sec I am never going to die time no longer matters so what am I thinking about right now. I need to be thinking of where I really want to go not what time will allow for.” His words changed his trend of thought as he went from thinking of the closet and best use of his time, to thinking about all the amazing things he had heard of, and all the amazing things he never had time to see, and all the amazing things he had seen before.

There were so many amazing places that he had seen in his travels over the past century, but even in all that time there still so much that he hadn’t seen. All the legends that he had come across that told of wondrous places and people; that defied logic and defines humanity, beauty, and wonder. He wanted to see them all but now the big choses he would now be facing was what he want to see first, and which direction he should head off to in order to start his great journey.

He lifted his head high to the blue skies, then leaned back and fell into the river behind him with a big splash. He took his time to enjoy the water, surfacing about a minute later, shaking his head, then he began to run his hands through his hair as he spoke aloud to himself. “That was just what I needed on such a hot day like today. Now my mind is cleared, I’ll be able to figure out exactly what I need to do.” He smiled as he drifted down the river letting the water carry him slowly down stream towards the River’s end, which should be leading to open ocean. “I’ve got it I know exactly what I want to do first; I am going to jump off every waterfall I have ever heard of and hopefully find some new ones that no one’s ever heard of. That should take me about the entire summer, which means once the summer is over I should have seen every waterfall on the planet. Then I’ll find something else to do for the winter after all it would be to cold to jump off waterfall in the winter anyway.” Daniel said as he drifted down the River.

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