Ten Thousand Walks Part 69

Ten Thousand Walks

Chapter 20: The Run

Where we were headed was very far away and would take quite some time to get to. I had found out about this place when I was traveling in search of my father. I wasn’t sure what the city was actually called, but I like to call it the city of healers. Everything they did there was dedicated to healing the body from whatever illness it had.

The sun began to set and I put the plane down in a small field of grass, to set up camp for the night. I looked around the field there wasn’t anything around us, just a few trees spread far apart. I couldn’t help but think there was nothing that could be used for cover if we needed it. “We will spend the night here, we will need to rest tonight, and tomorrow we can head out on foot.” I said to Anabella as I set up a tent for us to sleep in. She looked over at me with a confused look on her face then spoke. “Why would we go the rest of the way on foot when we have that flying thing to use, wouldn’t it be faster if we just flew the rest of the way?” She asked me as she pulled up some of the bags and sat on them. “Well, it’s not about how fast we get there, but more of getting there without trouble, I know that they will not be happy that I took the plane for one and two what I did before leaving must have made them very angry with me.” I explained as I finished setting up the tent.

“That and they can track the plane too, so if we travel in it, they will be on our trail by the end of the day tomorrow. So in the morning I’m going to send the plane off in the other direction we have to go from here on out. To besides you will enjoy the walk it’s not that far from here just a few days hick.” I said with a smile getting into the tent and laying back.

“Are you going to stay out there all night or are you going to come and get some rest.” I said and paused for a second as I waved at her. “Maybe you think I’m going to do something to you, you know I’m not a pervert even though you think so I’m a nice person.” I said again as I closed my eyes, at this point I didn’t care if she came in or not I was too tired to think anymore. Because I didn’t sleep the night before and after chasing her all day yesterday I was already about to fall asleep while setting up the tents.

The morning came much too quickly for my liking. Before my eyes could open, I felt something on my arm moving slowly. I opened my eyes and looked over at what was there and I saw her there snuggling up to my arm. Awww, you’re so cute like a little girl, and I thought you didn’t want to be next to me in here.” I said waking her from her sleep.


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