Ten Thousand Walks Part 68

Ten Thousand Walks

“Where you’re laying right now, that’s my bed missy. And can you please stop calling me a pervert my name is Daniel I told you this already.” I said to her trying to sound serious and very in charge. She just looked up at me. Oh this bed is so soft I’m going to miss sleeping here it sucks we are going to be leaving soon.” What she said confused me and before I asked anything, she threw a small piece of paper through the air at me. “He’s the one that had the idea to do this; he told me in person where to get the packages and where they would be dropped off at. He even told me what to do and where to hide so no one would find me out.”

I caught the paper and slowly flipped it over to see the image on it. I was shocked and was left speechless when I saw it. It was the leader of the forger city and Adam. I looked up to her about to ask her who was the one she meant. “It was the two of them, the tall one I think his name was Adam, he was always with the other one to keep him safe I think; Adam held the packages for me and the other one was the one running everything.” My best friend and the leader of the city my father left behind were the ones doing this. My mind filled with disappointment and anger, I understood now what she meant when she said we would be leaving soon.

I looked at her laying there deep in thought. “Get some rest you’re going to need it, we leave tomorrow. I am going to need a way to stop this drug but for now, I don’t have the skill needed. However, I do know where we can go to get the skills I need to counter this drug. I’m going to find where they make it and take as much as I can and destroy the rest of it. Then we will make a break for it and I will say good bye to this city for a while.”

I vanished from the room leaving her in the bed, I appeared at the tallest building in the city, and I sat down. “I was meant to protect this city wasn’t I, how can I protect it now when they are the ones that are doing the things that I try to protect others from.” I said to myself. I got lost in my thoughts trying to figure out what I would do next. All I could think was it was time to move on until I had the strength to do something else besides just destroy a bunch of bottles in a lab.

I sat there the rest of the night until the sun began to stretch its rays over the horizon, it was my last sunrise here, and now it was time to go. I looked down and saw the city below me was still dark and it would stay that was for about two more minutes. I vanished; I appeared in my room and she was there waiting on my bed with a bag and my coat in her hand. “Let’s go, we have a lot to see, well we have a lot that you are going to show me.” She said with a smile as she stood to her feet.

I pick up the piece of paper that she threw at me yesterday and I wrote on the back. “Thanks for the carrier I think I’ll call it a plan from now on. Oh before I forget you should close the lab.”

“Get to the lunch area I have something to take care of first.” I said to her and vanished with the bag and my coat. She walked out of the building and vanished. I vanished from the room appearing in the lab where the Shadow was made then I went nuts. I let out all of my anger all at once destroying the lab in seconds then I just picked up a bag, filled it with the small bottles that were left unbroken. Then I vanished.

“Are you ready to go, it’s going to be a very long flight to where we are going.” I said to her getting into the plain and with her. She looked at me and asked one question. “Can you move up some pervert I’m still sleepy, and I want to sleep.”

I laughed as I pulled out the auto polite threw it out of the plane and then hit the lunch button.

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