Ten Thousand Walks Part 67

Ten Thousand Walks

I moved with everything I had, my hands wrapped around her pulling her from the air, my feet made contact with the bottom of the city; I was moving along it then came the hard part. The turn up the side of the city, then turned again to head into the city. I appeared on top of one of the taller building stumbling to the edge with her in my hands. Then I vanished right as I was about to fall off the edge and luckily before anyone saw me. Four rooftops later, I appeared in front of my doorway and went in as quickly as I could. It would have been much easier if I had left the door opened or just cracked so I could walk straight in but I locked it out of habit.

I kicked the door shut behind me and put her down, I was a bit tired of carrying her, and she opened her eyes shocked. “You caught me you really did, wow am I in your place?” She said as she sat up and looked around. “Yes, I caught you, did you really think I wouldn’t. Never mind don’t answer that I know you didn’t think I would. Anyway that’s not the point, its time you tell me who is the person that is getting you this drug.” I replied to her as I sat down in the chair next to her.

“Before I tell you anything I want to know what you did with the rest of the bottles, and you better not have thrown them away.” she demanded, I just laughed and pointed to the package on the table. “That’s all of them well I took one I need to know what’s in it in order to know what part of the city it was made in.” I said to her waiting for an answer to my first question.

“Ok I will point him out to you.” she said looking around my place. “Anyway how are you going to find out where this came from, are you one of the scientist here, cause I was told that they don’t make deliveries.” She said as she walked around going through everything. “Well I have been here a while and I do like to read, also I have I been reading everything I could get my hands on while here and it gives me something to do on my devilries. After all, it gets annoying flying around the same places when you have nothing to do. I have been able to learn a very large about how things work and mostly how they make the medicine they use here, because of this. So I think I would be able to find out how it’s made.” I explained to her as she walked into the room I slept in, and then looked around then flopped onto my bed. “I found where I’m sleeping, where are you sleeping tonight pervert.” She said with a smile.

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