Ten Thousand Walks Part 66

Ten Thousand Walks

I watched as the sun was at its highest point in the skies, which meant a lot if deliverymen would be coming back and heading out at the same time; it was there busiest time of the day. It would make my plan so much easier to do. I headed to one of the tops of the buildings that I usually go to when I need to think. Then I descend down from there while using a phantom step and heading to the edge of the city; then from there I went over the side lunching off of one of the cities stabilizing wings straight to the vent before I could be seen by anyone.

“I’m going to need you to jump.” I said to her with a straight face.

She looked at me and laughed. “You’re a funny pervert; I’m not jumping from anything.” She said laughing at me. “But you have to, don’t worry I will catch you before you fall too far. I’m going to be on the ground and I will need you to jump when I give you the signal.” I said back to her, she just looked at me angry and with her arms folded tightly. I knew she didn’t like any part of my plan but it was the only plan that would work.

I headed back to top of the city, I looked all around, and then I jumped from the city edges. I landed on my feet with easy and looked around, there didn’t seem to be anyone watching me at the time, which was good. What I was  about to try was just very, well I would say it was unsafe but it passed that at this point what I wanted to try was just dumb. It would be the first time I would ever try to use the phantom style and change directions while using it. Normally I would just go straight or just change at a small angle but this time I was going to try and run along the bottom of the city and the around the side. I would actually have to make a full turn, which I never did before, and I honestly didn’t know if it was possible to change directions that much while doing it.

I took a deep breath and just let all my worries about what I was about to do go, I gave her the signal to jump and watch as she just laid back and fell from the huge opening. She fell back with her hands stretched out as if she was about to just turn over and fly away like a bird. I took my last deep breath as she reached the halfway point between the city and the ground. I dropped my head down and focused everything on what I was about to do. Time slowed for me and I opened my eyes for the first time when using a phantom step. The world stood still all around me; I looked up and saw her frozen in the air above me ready to be caught.

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