Ten Thousand Walks Part 65

Ten Thousand Walks

See you’re a pervert stop looking at me like I’m just and object to please you.” Annabella yelled as she slapped me. “Look lady I have a name you know, it’s Daniel and I am not a pervert so stop calling me that would you it’s not nice. The thing you are in right now is called a carrier and it took off because you took my cloak in it. We are heading back to the forge city its where this thing goes after I finish all my deliveries. Which reminds me you’re going to help me find the people that make this Shadow thing and you’re going to help me stop them you got that.” I said to her trying to sound very serious, a very hard thing to do when out of breath. Mostly I look like a fool, which I was guessing that’s why she just smiled at me. Then she pulled my coat around her tighter and leaned back against me closing her eyes.

What on earth is with this lady I thought to myself as I took a few deep breaths. We should be getting to the city in a short while. I could speed up the carrier but at the moment, I was tired after chasing this lady more than 200 miles. But honestly I just wanted to take a nap for the rest of the day. Sadly, I couldn’t seeing that happening any time soon, I had to find a way to hide this crazy lady when I got to the city so that the people dealing the Shadow wouldn’t be able to hide.

I saw the city coming closer it was time to get started now, the carrier would be going in to land in just under two minutes and I would need to get her out of the carrier and hide her without anyone seeing her. Now would be when it got complicated; however, I had a plan to get her in unseen. There were vents that let out the smoke and hot air from the city engines and one of them was just under where the carrier would land. The best part was the one that the carriers landed above only let out hot air and not smoke, so that the carrier polite could still see.

I pushed the button to open the hatch above me. Annabella opened her eyes to my smile; I wrapped my hands around her and kicked at the stick in front of her sending the carrier into a barrel roll. I moved vanishing from the cockpit with her in my hands and appearing inside the large vent hole. “I need my coat and for you to wait here for me I‘ll be back for you soon ok, and I’ll bring you real clothes to.” I said to her then vanished with my coat, I was back in the carrier before it finished spinning.

I landed and go out, then headed over to get my new assignment seeing that I was gone the whole night but oddly enough there wasn’t any new ones. I didn’t mind because it just it just meant I would have to come up with a reason to go back and get her later. Which I already had a plan for, but it would just take her doing something I know she wouldn’t want to do at all. I waited about an hour then I decided to go and get my plan started.

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