Ten Thousand Walks Part 63

Ten Thousand Walks

She looked a bit less on edge as she let go of the box and wrapped the coat around herself more. “So tell me something why would you take anything that does this to you?” I asked her I just couldn’t think of any reason why anyone would willingly take something like that. “Because it gave me power to do things that I could never do, to fight like no one else to keep my family safe. I would gladly die to protect them this pain I’m in is nothing.” That was shocking to here from her I did not expect her to say that at all. Well I expected you to say something else to be perfectly honest I expected something much more selfish.” I said to her as the thought dawned on me that the drug was coming from the city.

My mind was filled, with question about what was going on in the city, maybe this was why they have been acting so weird around me lately. They were watching me this whole time trying to see how they could copy my powers. “How much did you pay to get this?” I asked her, she looked at me, and then backed up a bit. “I didn’t pay for it I wanted a weapon very badly but I couldn’t pay and they gave me this. They said if I could use it and show it off they would make me anything I wanted and I did but now I need it to feel better to stop the hurting inside.”

Her words confused me and made perfect sense at the same time; though it was true that they were all about making a profit, they also loved making new things. Getting her to test their new weapon in exchange for a weapon she wanted would be a simple trade that benefited them more than it did her. And from what I could she from how much pain she was in and how she was hurt, she had the bad half of that deal. “What kind of drug is this any way and why would you keep on taking it after what it’s done to you.” I asked her, she was quite for a while then answered me. “It’s not my choice once you taste the power you can’t stop you need it or your body hurts. Shadow is like nothing else it makes your life different.”

This thing whatever it was called was too dangerous to be on the market, my abilities should never be in the hands of a normal human and never in the hands of someone that wants to use it as a weapon. I had to find out who in the city was making this stuff and I had to stop them no matter what it cost.

I would be taking her back to the city once she rested and recovered maybe she could help me find the people responsible for making the drug. Then I could stop them from making it and make sure it was never made again.

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