Ten Thousand Walks Part 61

Ten Thousand Walks

“I was hoping you would make this into a challenge.” I said with a smile, then I vanished, reappearing right behind where she had stopped. “Your cute you know, but come on you don’t expect me to be that easy to get away from when you have one of my packages.” I said to her as I took a step closer to her, she gasped for air. “Come on leave me alone it’s not like I didn’t pay for this its mine and I need it.” She said as she stumbled over herself a bit then vanished. “That’s so cute she thinks she can get away from me, like a little kid running from a parent.” I said to myself thinking about what she said, and what she meant by she paid for it and she needs it. “Oh well I’ll be finding out soon.”

I appeared behind her walking to her, she was stumbling as if she was in pain trying to get away from me. “Lady, are you ok. Well I know that’s a dumb question I can see you’re not doing ok. Guess you’re feeling the effects from moving so fast aren’t you.” I said to her as I walked up to her. She turned to me just for a moment and I saw her eyes were blood red which wasn’t a cute look. Then she pushed herself up as much as she could and I knew what she was going to do. I looked up and saw that the valley ahead of us had a steep ditch in it, I knew if she tried she would end up in that ditch most likely dead. “Lady don’t…”

She was gone dropping the box as she vanished. Good thing I was much faster than her. I vanished just after she did and appeared holding her flying backwards straight for the ditch. I had caught her and took the hit from the ditch just in time. Good thing to cause that really hurt and I was wearing a suite of armor. There was no way she would have lived if I didn’t catch her seeing that even the clothes she had on were already starting to wear down from her movements.

“Hey lady are you ok.” I said as I shock her gently, but she was out could.

Well this wasn’t very good, I hoped she would be ok, but I wonder if she was the only one coming for this. I cover her up with my coat, and then went back to the drop point to see if there was anyone else coming.

After the sun set I decided that there was no one else coming. So I set up a small camp, and carried the woman to it, I thought about taking her to the city but I realized that wouldn’t be a good idea.

I looked at the box, then snapped it open. Inside was maybe twenty small bottles. I picked one up and inside it was a blue liquid, it was see threw and was almost glowing. I hadn’t seen anything like it before so that meant that it wasn’t natural and someone made it. ”I just don’t think it’s possible to bottle the phantom style so it must be something else that was giving her the ability to move that fast.” I said to myself holding it up to the moon light. I was in the middle of looking at it then, it was yanked from my hands by her. She pulled the cap off it and was drinking it before I knew it. “What is wrong with you lady why would you drink that God only knows what’s in it” I said to her.

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