Ten Thousand Walks Part 60

Ten Thousand Walks

Chapter 18: Shadow

From that point on I had no trouble defending myself and I needed to very often, but thanks to my new weapons and my new coat I came out without a scratch on me every time. Soon I was only given high-class deliveries to do, which for me was great because I got one or two of them each day and I got paid more to do them than I was when I had ten to fifteen. This gave me time to do the one thing I came to the city to do and that was to see the world, I would take time out to look at all the places around every time I was out on a delivery.

Before I knew it three years had passed, I had seen so much and done so much in that time. I even started to get a nickname in the city. They called me the shadow, because all that was seen most of the time when I fought was an attacking a shadow.

Then something began to happen in the city that was just off. I couldn’t fully understand what was going on but for some reason everything in the city just felt as if it was not the way it should be but then again I might have been wrong, after all I didn’t fully understand how the city was ran. However, I had a feeling something was off just by the way Adam was acting all the time now.

A few months after this strange behavior started I was then given a very odd delivery to do. It had no recipients and no collection of payment all it had was a drop off point. All that was written was. “This package must be set on the ground, then the deliver must leave within a twenty count of setting the package down.” I thought this was odd and I had to know why the instructions said this.

So I took the package to its drop off point, set it down then vanished. I fell back out of sight and did the count, once I hit twenty someone showed up out of nowhere. “Wait a minute did he just phantom step?” I said aloud shocked by what I had just seen. This just couldn’t be a phantom step, it must be something else and I have to know what it was now not later. I appeared behind the person, pulled my blade, then moved it to their neck leaning them back into me so they couldn’t run. “How did you do that, and what is in that box.” I asked as I pull my blade to their neck touching it just a bit.

“The same way you did, and if you can move like that you should know what’s in this box.” Her voice said calmly. What she said caught me by surprise what could she mean by I should know what’s in the box if I move like her. “I have never seen anyone use a weapon while moving like this, you must be something special. But I’ll tell you what’s in the box, I’ll even share with you if you lower the knife.”She said, I was a bit resistant at first but I lowered it. “Now tell me what’s inside of the box I want to know what’s in it before I decide to change my mind about lowering my knife.”  She slowly turned to me and held the bottom of the box to open it, then the white in her eyes turned blue, and she vanished in the air.

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