Ten Thousand Walks Part 6

Ten Thousand Walks

Once Daniel and his father finish talking they headed back up to the surface; the opening in the ground closed back as the two walked back into the valley. “Well I know I just dropped a lot on you but I must go. Seems as though I am needed elsewhere, humans are so needy sometimes. Hope you enjoy the rest of your birthday, after all you only turn 200 once.” Carlton said with a smirk on his face as he walked off into the valley, and soon vanished from sight.

Daniel watched as his father walked off, he didn’t really care where his father was going off to or what he meant by needy humans. He was just too overwhelmed, and lost in the news he had just gotten; he felt like a completely new man in a completely new body.

Although he already knew he was different and that nothing had really changed, he felt as if he was just given a completely new life. Nothing had changed yet somehow it felt as if everything had changed, that odd feeling of not fitting in, the feeling of being different his entire life, it all started to make sense now.

As he continued to think about his new life, he started to walk out of the valley; his mind wondered about what his dad told him, and how his life is cursed.

Soon he was walking alongside a clear blue river. As he did, he turned and stared into the flowing waters, he smiled at his reflection as he thought this couldn’t possibly be curse. This wasn’t a curse this was the greatest gift anyone had ever given or would ever give him. He could do anything and everything he had ever thought of doing no matter how dangerous it was or how long it would take him to do.

Daniel’s mind over flowed with possibilities, as the realization of never-ending life finally set in. His mind quickly filled up with all the things he wanted to do but never had time to do. However now he had all the time in the universe to do everything and anything he could think of doing. He looked around, and then sat on the bank of the river staring at his chiming reflection. Knowing he could do all the things he had ever wanted to do made him very excited for his future. But for the time being he just wanted to relax and enjoy the moment, before he set out on the journey of his new life.

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