Ten Thousand Walks Part 59

Ten Thousand Walks

I couldn’t take it anymore I had to know what was in the next case and I reached down and open it. Inside was two curved blades that were nothing like I had seen when I was in the house of blades. “Those are yours they will work just the way you think they will.” Aden said as he pulled a ball from his pocket. I picked up the two knives and head them in my hand they were amazing. Dark black blades all the way up to a ball that was right before the hilt. The hilt fit my hands perfectly and had a small latch at the top. They were both the same length but I wondered why they were curved the way they were. I held one up to my arm and the blade stretch from my wrist to my elbow. “Hold them and push the latch at the top it will do exactly what you think.” I held both of them I swung them a bit they moved like the wind and I smiled.

I held them in my hand then I broth the hilts together pushing the button at the bottom, and it did just what I thought, the blades pulled back on the ball, running along my arm from my wrist to my elbow like a guard for my hands. Then what I really wanted the ends spiked the opposite way of the blades curve. I smiled and turned as he threw the ball and I vanished, the ball fell on the ground and split into four pieces.

“Adam let’s see how you handle him now.” Aden said then, I saw Adam walked out of the building with a new sword in his hand. “I got my sword upgraded let’s see if you can handle me now with a lighter sword.” Said Adam with a smile as he ran for me. He brought his sword down I flipped my sword back and I blocked it then I attacked with the other hand. He jumped back then swung again, I pushed my knives forward as I blocked and Adams sword slide down and was caught at the end of the blade. I pulled up throwing him off balance, then attack with the second blade stopping just before cutting him. “I gave up I just can’t keep up with you now.” He said as he returned his sword to the holster.

“Those blades are my greatest work, they are able to cut though anything, unbreakable, and they never go dull. The blade atomic structure is designed to heal itself as it cuts to ensure the bald remains the same down to the atom no matter how much it is used.” Adan said as he walk up to me to and picked up the two cases.

“Wow these are amazing I can’t believe this I’m so happy thank you so much.” I said with a smile I was so excited. As I was about to head back home Aden waved to me I turned and he spoke words I had almost forgotten with a serious smile.

“With any weapon of great power greater skill is required to use it.”

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