Ten Thousand Walks Part 58

Ten Thousand Walks

I arrived as the sun was at its highest point in the skies and with a smile I walked up to the door and as I was about to push the door open the doors opened. Aden and Ariana walked out each holding a case in their hands, smiling away at me. And I knew it they had made me something I would be able to use but why were they both holding a box? I was so confused then the next person I saw just made it much worst. It was the weapons designer walking out from the side of the building. This was going to be very interesting I thought to myself.

The universe said you needed something special, because your road is long one and it will be a very hard one that you must fight though for longer than we can see. Your father did his best to protect you from your faith and he has been guiding you steps for a long time but now it is your turn to make your choice. Either you continue to walk in the path he has set for you or make your own and walk it.” The word that came from the weapons designer was oddly insightful to the point where I was left speechless. He then did something else I didn’t expect after the day before. He walked up to me and shook my hand, then handed me a small key and said thank you then walked away.

I was left stunned for a few minutes. “Well that was odd I have never seen him act normal like this in public before. Turns out that whole crazy man thing you saw yesterday is all an act, he does to hide how he does what he does. For him to let you see what he is really like he must see something in you that is extraordinary. But anyway this is what he gave you the key to these cases.” Aden said to me as he sit the case on the ground and his wife did the same and they stepped back. I knew what I had to do I had to become my own man I had to step into the light and cast my own shadow.

I put the key in the first box that Ariana had place on the ground I wanted to know what kind of shield she could have made more than anything. I had not expected anything but some kind of weapon not a shield. The case popped open and inside was something black. I picked it up and it was soft like clothes, it fell open and it was a coat. I pulled the coat over my shoulders and it fit perfectly, it wasn’t tight but it wasn’t large and I felt like I could move in it very easily. “Go ahead see how fast you can move with it on.” Ariana said with a proud smile. I like the lose fit but I didn’t think it would work when I did a phantom step, my normal cloths were skin tight to keep them from ripping when I moved at that speed. Oh well here goes, I moved normally first around in a circle then I vanished and reappeared behind them and as they tuned I was gone again back in front of the cases. I could move in it without being restricted or having it ripped apart this was amazing. “I made ten pairs of pants with them and two coats. They are clothes that are comfortable and can move with you but they are shields like no other able to stand up to a lot more than anyone can really hit you with.” She said with a smile.

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