Ten Thousand Walks Part 57

Ten Thousand Walks

I headed right for the house of knives and Aden was waiting by the door. “You know it’s night time right and I sent my workers home a long time ago. But I’m guessing the only reason you’re here is because you went and saw him and he gave you something for me didn’t he.” Aden said as he walked up to me, I was a bit confused but I handed him the paper with a hint of hope that when he looked at it he would be able to make some kind of sense of it and it wouldn’t just be the writings of a crazy man to him to. “Well what do you think?” I asked hoping it meant something to him but doubting that it did. He looked at it and turned it over and then held it up to the light, then looked at it again. The thoughts in my head went for the worst it must not mean anything at all.

“Ariana is going to like building this as much as I am, come back here tomorrow at mid-day and you will be able to test out your new weapon then.” Aden said as he put the paper in his pocket with a grin. He waved to me and headed inside the doors of the building, I wanted to follow him and ask him what was on the paper that I couldn’t read that he could, but he closed the door quickly without even giving me a second look. I would have to wait until the next day to find out what he saw that I didn’t.

I looked around at the city as the lights slowly went out everywhere except for the house of knives. I was just too excited to sleep at all that night I just wondered around the city, being pulled back into my thoughts of my father and the hand he had in my life. I just wanted his hand out of my life, I just needed to be my own man not the son of a giant. There must be something I could do to walk out of his shadow and into the light.

I sat on top of the tallest building of the city and looked out across the city and what I saw was the most amazing feet of engineering in the world and it was all thanks to my dad. I could never make anything this amazing so how was I going to move out of his shadow. The thoughts ran through my mind all night as I sat. The sun started to rise in front of me and I watched it move up slowly as the city moved away from it slowly. I stood to my feet and turned to look down on the city and what I saw made my heart skip a beat and punch the thoughts that were in my head right out. The sun light hitting the buildings, reflecting off each other and onto the top of the building in front of me. It made a word, at first I thought I was seeing things but then I realized that it said “Protect” in the language my dad spoke. My jaw dropped as I step forward and my shadow fell over the city. I vanished from the top of the building and headed to my house for a while to try and get some rest before going to see what my new weapon looked like.


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