Ten Thousand Walks Part 56

Ten Thousand Walks

Finally he showed himself. “Yooooo what it do yall. I’m the master and I’m going to design you the best weapon you have ever used see here. This is my little friend he helps me out a lot.” He held a pen in his hand as he spoke and had a huge smile on his face, well huge doesn’t quite cover it. It was like his face wrapped around his smile. And it wasn’t a happy smile it was just weird and made me feel as if he was trying to mess with my head. “Hey I’m Daniel,…” I was interrupted by him before I could even start talking.

His finger went to my lip stopping my words and completely creeping me out. “shhhh hush now no words and names are need just let the universe show us what we need to see. First off you need to jump on one leg while holding the other with one hand then touch your nose with the free hand and you must do this three times no more no less.” His words came out like a whisper hiding something I was actually more creped out by what just happened then anything in my life, I looked over at Adam. Who was just laughing about to fall over. “What did I tell you he was crazy didn’t I. Well what are you waiting for get to hopping man you’re the one that wanted to come and see him so you have to do what he said if you want his help.” He said doing his best to contain his laughter, even though it wasn’t working at all and he was still laughing.

“Do I really have to do that I already feel so crazy for just talking to him.” I replied to Adam as the weapons designer talked to himself and drew circles on the ground. Then looked up at me and waved. “Come on you have to hope for me to see the flow of the universe in you and let the universe show me what it wants you to have. Well if it wants you to have anything at all that is. You must do this or risk angering the cosmoses, and we don’t want that now do we.” He said not taking his eyes off his circle. I didn’t even think he was blinking.

I didn’t want to do anything but I knew that I had to, I had no choice if I want to get the weapon I need to protect myself. So I stood on one leg and hoped touching my nose as he watched me with that huge smile and counted. “One hop yes this is good, two hop oh yes yes yes I see, three hop yes I see it now this is it yes it is.”

I didn’t know what to do at that point all I could do was just stand as he mumbled weird sounds to himself. “yes yes yes I will do it, I will give him what he needs. Take this paper with you back to the house of knives and you will have it.” He wrote a few weird shapes and a list of number on a piece of paper and handed it to me. I looked down at it and I couldn’t figure out what it meant, but I was going to try maybe this whole day was a waste but maybe not oh well I’ll be finding out very soon.

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