Ten Thousand Walks Part 55

Ten Thousand Walks

Chapter 17: The Birth Of A Weapon

After that I decided that I would go home and rest up a bit, even though I wasn’t tired I knew my wounds needed it and I wanted to be at my best possible state when I went to this guy. That night I didn’t get a lot of sleep because my mind just kept wondering from place to place about all sorts of things. I just wanted my own life I felt controlled by my father still and I felt as if everything in this city was all just another thing he was controlling in some way. Maybe getting my weapon would made me feel better after all my father did not fight in anyway. So I wanted to get away from him and this would be my first step in doing that.

Though I didn’t get much sleep I did manage to rest, and I felt much better in the morning and I was ready to have my weapon made for me. Adam showed up at my door steps to take me to see this weapons master. “Are you sure you don’t want to pick a weapon, I mean really you only looked at four of them and one shield. I’m sure they are tons of weapon’s that would suit you just fine if you just go and look at a few more.” Adam said to me as we headed across the city. I didn’t know why he was saying this I mean the person we were going to see was recommended to us by one of the people that runs a large part of production for the city.

As we road across the city Adam couldn’t hold it in anymore. “He’s a whack job ok, there I said it and I know you wanted to know why I don’t want to go see him well that’s why.” I burst out laughing, it was the first time I had heard him have an outbreak before, but I contained myself. “Why do you say that I mean he can’t be that bad can he?” I responded to his outburst and he just looked at me with this blank look on his face for a few minutes.

“He believes in hebedejebe… he doesn’t take measurements of any kind and just dismisses everything that’s exact and says it should be flexible. But the worst part is he just doodles on everything all the time and mumbles weird things as he is doing it there something wrong with his mind. You should go to anyone else to get your weapon built but not this guy he will make you something that will get you killed.” Adam said in a very serious tone of voice then just looked back to where we were going as if he knew something else that he wasn’t saying that I was better off not knowing, seeing that I wasn’t changing my mind on going.

We arrived at the location that we were to meet this master weapons designer, and there was no one there, which I though was a bit rude. But I didn’t really realize this guy was never on time and that was not the thing that Adam was not tell me. We waited there most of the day, walking around doing random things for people that kept asking us to do things for some reason. It was like we had a sign on our back that said ask us to help you.

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