Ten Thousand Walks Part 54

Ten Thousand Walks

“Yeah that one will definitely not work, after all the whole point to this is to have a way to defend myself when I can’t phantom step. And if I couldn’t move like I just did I would have lost part of my arm. But I do love how it feels though almost like I’m not holding anything at all in my hands.” I said as I took the other blade from him and reappeared next to Adam. This blade was different from the first two I thought it was strange that it curved but I though why not try it. But this time I went in for the first attack. Lunging right at Adam.

He quickly stepped back pulling his sword in front of him and stopping the blade dead in its tracks. I pulled back and he pulled his blade up right for me. I swung the knife in my hand and blocked his swing, even though I managed to block it I was thrown back in the process. I landed flat on my back and just laid there. “Man that hurt, ok I have to say this blade was very nice but just a bit odd I just couldn’t get the hang of it being curved it threw me off a bit, what else do you have?” I asked as I brushed myself off and stood to my feet.

I was handed another curved blade but this one left me confused It curved backwards. I looked at it I had never seen anyone use something where the point of the blade was behind the handle next to their elbow. I wondered how this would work but I said what the hell it can’t be that bad. I held it in my hand and though I couldn’t attack with this, Adam was already on his way with his attack before I could even finish what I was thinking.

He came at me and I had no idea how to use this one to attack so I dodged backwards and punched at him. Landing a blow to his stomach which I thought was too easy at normal speed and I realized why it was so easy to land a bow after I saw the blade of his sword coming down at me I acted on my first instant. I raised my hand to protect my head and I heard and unexpected clash of weapons. I had forgotten that the blade was on my arm and it stopped the sword. I smiled this could work as a shield but that’s about it I don’t know how I would attack with it.

“That was very unexpected but at the same time I wouldn’t know how to attack with this blade. So I don’t think you have anything I can use here which kind of sucks I don’t know what to do about a weapon now.” I said as I gave the blade back to Aden. He looked at me then suddenly smiled. “I know just what you need to do. Before I ran things here, I use to work for someone called the weapon finder. He is known to be able to pick the perfect weapon for anyone no matter what they fight like or how they like the weapons to feel just by watching them move around for a few minutes. If you really want something you can fight with at any moment go to him he will design you the best weapon possible, then come back when you have the design. Me and my wife will build it for you, we haven’t had a challenge like you in a while no one that comes to us leave empty handed. So we need to get you fitted with weapons you can use before we lose our reputation.” Aden said as he walked with us back to the front of the building. Then handed me a piece of paper he had written something on.

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    I love you and your books baby!!! im soo proud of you <3333

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