Ten Thousand Walks Part 53

Ten Thousand Walks

Chapter 16: The Blades


The next building we went to was not as tall as the first one but it was still pretty tall, soaring above most of the buildings in the city. We walked into the building and we were greeted as we walked through the door. “Welcome to the house of blades, my name is Aden the care taker of this house.” He said as he walked out in front of us gesturing for us to following him while he walked into the next room. I was so expecting the same layout as in the building of shields.

I was surprised by the more squared look of the inside of the building. Everything was separated into squares, like small rooms each designed for specific purpose. As we walked through the rooms I saw many different kinds of blades being made. But for some reason none of them really called out to me, they were very nicely made knives and blades but there was nothing I could see myself using. Actually the fact was I don’t think I’ve ever used any of the blades that I saw here so in reality I didn’t think any of them would actually work for me. I would most likely end up hurting myself more, then actually hurting the enemy.

I looked around at everything and wondered what I wanted to use for my own weapon. Then Aden walked up to me with a few of his best blades. “These are the best of the best the sharpest, strongest, and lightest blades we make here. Why don’t you take one and try it out you never know you might like one and decide to use it.” He smiled and headed to the testing room for the building. I walked in and just looked at the box I didn’t really feel like testing out which ones I would want to use but I knew I had to try at least one.

“I picked short blades because my wife told me how you fight with speed as you biggest advantage, and that’s why you couldn’t use a shield because it would slow you down when you fight and you would most definitely be needing every advantage you can get to deliver some of these packages.” Aden said as he open the glass cover box and handed me the longest of the four blades that were in the box. I took the blade from his hand and it was not that heavy, but it was heavier than I thought it would be from the look of it. I stepped back and swung it around a few times then called to Adam.

He smiled, pulled his blade, and lunged at me as if I were his greatest foe, ready to take me down for good. I quickly block and contoured him, then I went in for my attack. Which was blocked just barley, but still with ease. I didn’t even try again I put the blade in the box. “What’s next that one felt a bit too heavy, it threw me off in my attack and made it easy to block even if I was moving faster.” I said to Aden as he handed me another one with a smile. “Here try this one I think you will find this one much easier to mover around with.” He smiled as he stepped back out of the way so that me and Adam could go for it.

I looked down to feel the weight of the blade and it was like it wasn’t there I looked up with a smile, Adam was already in the middle of trying to wipe it off my face with his sword coming at me full force. I had just a second to block and I moved my hand up with the knife and stopped his blade as it came down. But one thing happened that I didn’t see coming. The knife was to short and the sword slid right off the side and was coming straight for the exposed part of my arm. I vanished just as his sword would hit me leaving behind a phantom that his sword went through just as I appeared by Aden.

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