Ten Thousand Walks Part 52

Ten Thousand Walks

“Is that how you were able to fight of the guys that tried to kill you?” Adam asked. I smiled at him and answered. “Let’s just say you guys should really use tougher cases.” He just laughed as Ariana walked back into the room holding a box with the shield inside of it. “Here try using this and see how it goes.” She said handing me the box, then heading to the side of the room and sat down. I looked at Adam as I held the handle of the shield. “You can fight right Adam I know I never asked you before but being one of the city guards I always assumed that you could fight with no problem.” I said to Adam as I moved around swing the shield from side to side to side extending and retracting it as I did getting a feel for it as it moved. He looked at me with a smile. “You know you could just ask me to fight with you to test out the shield you know.” He answered me as he pulled his sword from his side.

“Move, I dare you.” I said to him, and with a smile he swung at me full force, I quickly ducked then pulled the shield in place to block his second swing. Swing after swing I blocked, till it was my turn, I retracted the shield and moved. Right behind him then brought it down to him, extending it just before it reached him. But he blocked quickly, I wasn’t giving it my all but I didn’t expect him to block it. This time I would get him for sure though, I pulled back vanished and came in full force right at him and as the shield extended he block it again.

“Wow, you’re a lot better than I expected you to be.” I said surprised by what was happening. “Well I’m not really all that great you’re just slow. I mean up until your about to attack I can’t even see you but once you start your attack you move to slow I can block you with ease.” He replied to me making me realized what was really happening. It wasn’t that I was slow it was the shield opening that took all the speed out of the attack. Which as far as I was concerned was to big of a down side to risk. After all if I couldn’t fight with my full speed then I was at a disadvantage no matter the weapon I was using.

I walked over to Ariana and handed her the shield. “This just isn’t going to work for me sorry, but it is an amazing shield, thanks for letting me see if I could use it.” I said to her as I handed her back the shield and left with Adam.

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