Ten Thousand Walks Part 51

Ten Thousand Walks

I meat up with Adam and he was all smiles ready to take me on a tour of the whole city. “Hey Daniel, your finally here its about time to I’ve been waiting for you to get here for a while now. Thought you would be a little faster than that man come on your supposed to be supper fast, I think your slowing down from all that sleep your getting.” He said with a smirk pushing at my shoulder. “Oh sorry to keep you waiting I didn’t realize you would be here already.” I replied to him. “Oh no man I was just kidding around, lighten up I just got here like a minute before you did. Now then our first stop will be to go check out where our best shields are made you might want to get one of those. After all I don’t think the armor that we wear can handle moving at the speeds you do.” He said to me as he walked towards one of the taller buildings of the city.

“Welcome to the shields building.” Came the voice of a woman when I walked into the building. “Hello, how are you.” I replied to her to be nice. She smiled and walked in front of us, we stopped and she turned to us. “My name is Ariana and I am the one in charge of this building, I will be showing you around and if you see something you like I will be the one that gets it built for you. Please follow me and I will show you around now.” She said then pushed something, which cause the walls to open in front of us.

She led us into the room, and as I walked through the door way my jaw almost dropped to the floor. It was just amazing, all around us they were people working on all kinds of shields, and amour. “Do you have any idea of what kind of shield or amour you would like to try and use or do you want to see everything we have, I must warn you though it is quite a large amount if you want to see them all.” Ariana said to me as we walked through the hall surrounded by huge pillars of fire and falling sparks. “Actually I do, on my last delivery there was a shield that was very light weight and small that I could extend the size of with the push on the back.” I answered her as I looked all around me completely fascinated by what I saw.

“I know just what you’re talking about, we call that one the tricksters shield.” She said as she led us into a large empty room. “This is the testing room, here we test how well our shields hold up to other things. I’ll have one of the tricksters brought to you and you can see how you like using it, if you like it and want one then we can have one built just for you.” She said then walked of the room.

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