Ten Thousand Walks Part 50

Ten Thousand Walks

“So I’m starting to think that my speed isn’t always going to be enough for me to protect these packages or for me to protect myself for that matter. So I want to know what we can do to change that.” I said to Adam as I turned from the window, he looked at me with an odd look as if he was just waiting for me to ask that for the longest time. “It’s about time you asked about that. I thought it was strange that you went on any deliveries without asking for a shield or weapon of some kind before you left.” He replied to me almost about to laugh. “Well I thought it was kind of funny that you didn’t but I figured you already had something that you would use to defend yourself but after you came back the other day I realized that you didn’t. I thought you had a death wish for a while when they brought you in to the hospital, but no matter how bad you got you just wouldn’t die. You must have God on your side cause I have never seen someone who had lost as much blood as you did live.” He continued with a slight laugh in his voice.

“Yeah I know what you mean but I wouldn’t say God is on my side more like the opposite of that for my family. But that’s a long story I don’t want to get into right now. Any way I want to know what I could use to protect myself from people like these guys.” I said to him then I stood up and stretched my legs out. “Well I will tell you one thing you did come to the perfect place to get just what you need. How about this, I will arrange a tour of the factories where we make weapons and shields, you can see what we have and pick from that. We will have whatever you pick resized to fit you perfectly. How does that sound?”

Just what I needed to hear to get my mind off things. “Sounds great I’ll get myself together to go home and get cleaned up and ready to pick what I want thanks a lot.” I left the hospital and headed home to get cleaned up. I was very excited about going to go pick out something to use to fight with, but I had no clue what I would be able to use, maybe I could use that shield thing from before that would be good to use. On the other hand, maybe I could use a sword that would be pretty fun. “I wonder what it would be like to swing a sword when I’m using the phantom style, I don’t think anyone would be able to block that or stop it at that speed.” I said to myself walking out of my house and heading off to meet up with Adam.

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