Ten Thousand Walks Part 5

Ten Thousand Walks

“Come my boy sit with me and I’ll explain everything to you.” Said Carlton to Daniel as he sat in a nearby chair, Daniel sat in the chair that was across from his father and looked around. As he sat, he thought back to his child hood and the times he spent in the lab; but for some reason he didn’t remember the lab being so huge. He couldn’t even see the walls as he looked around. He did however remember where he was sitting, this was the table he sat at while having lunch whenever he came to work with his father.

Carlton leaned back in the chair and relaxed; he closed his eyes and with a smile began to speak. “50,000 years ago I was a well know and brilliant scientist; I worked hard day and night on my greatest invention. It took me years but I did it and I was proud of it, so much so in fact that I tried to use it to take over the world. However, in my arrogance I almost destroyed the earth, and life itself.

Luckily my plans failed and I was left sick and dying, yet still I didn’t admit that it was my fault even in my mind I still felt as if it was my right to be ruler and that I did nothing wrong. Because of this, I cursed God on my deathbed. I blamed God for all I had done wrong, and for all the destruction, and pain I had caused.

 Then I took my last breath, only to have it and my soul pushed right back into my body. Then cursed with never-ending life by God as punishment. Which at first thought made me feel like the one doing the punishing making God give me never ending life. But the truth about the curse was felt as my pain grew. I was in a body that would never die but would still age and get sick, and if that wasn’t enough I had to undo the damage I had done to the earth or grow even sicker.”

Daniel only looked on at his father wondering why he wasn’t told all of this much earlier. “I know you must be wondering right about now why I have never told you about the curse. It’s just that I wanted you to be old enough to understand how lonely it is to have everything you care about fade all around you. That and I had to be absolutely sure you were cursed as I was before I told you about it. Once I was sure I came up  with this long trip in order to prove everything I am telling you now, after all being told You will live forever and nothing will ever be able to kill you isn’t easy to believe.”

Daniel jumped up from the chair. “Oh wow so that’s why I age so slowly and why I can survive all hell breaking loose. I knew I was different I just knew it but I would have never guessed that I was immortal this is awesome.” Daniel said with excitement, as his father sat across from him calmly smiling. Carlton realized that his son didn’t fully understand why this was a curse mainly because his son was much too young to understand, as he watched him celebrate the news. Even so, he knew it was still best that he told him now before he figured it out on his own. However, for now, it was his birthday and he was going to let him enjoy it as much as possible. After all, he would soon begin to hate them as time passed and each one reminded him of the life he had.

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