Ten Thousand Walks Part 49

Ten Thousand Walks

Act VI

Chapter 15: The shields

I woke up two days later in a hospital bed, my wounds were treated with medicine and bandaged up. I looked around the room, everything was white, and clean some of the stuff was almost shiny. I had never been in the room like this before except for with my father, but he had said places like this no longer existed. Then again I should not have been surprised, seeing that a lot of the things in the city my dad had said no longer existed. I was assuming it was not because he thought it no longer existed, but because it wasn’t supposed to exist anymore. And it was at that point that I realized that the city was a leftover remnant of times past. That must be why they are able to build such advanced technology so easily, and so quickly.

I sat up in the bed and began to think, everything around me reminded me so much of my father’s laboratories. So much so that I couldn’t help but wonder if he had came here at some point in time. Maybe he even had something to do with the design of this city, which would be quite interesting if he did have something to do with this city. Knock knock came from the door as Adam pushed it to the side then he walked in. “Hey Daniel how you doing today, I hope you’re doing pretty good. It seems as though you’re doing better seeing that you’re awake now.” He said with a smile pulling up a chair and sitting down. “I’m feeling a lot better. Just sitting here admiring the design of the city, it’s quite interesting.” I replied to him while looking through the window.

“Oh I see, well it is a pretty nice view if I don’t say so myself.” Said Adam to me as he looked out of the window with me. “You wouldn’t happen to know who the designer of this city was now would you, it’s just that something about it seems so familiar that I was wondering who was the designer of the city.” I asked him, thinking about my father and if he had anything to do with this place to, or if I was finally out of his seemingly endless reach. Hopefully I was going to get the answer that I wanted to get from him.

“I’m not absolutely sure but I’m pretty sure the person that designed this city was an old guy his name was Carl I think, I’m not really all that sure what his name was but I know it started with a C. He helped us build the city and get it off the ground almost 100 generation’s ago.” He replied to me, giving me the exact answer I did not want to hear. I knew my father had something to do with this city to, I wondered why he never told me anything about this place to but right now I didn’t care. This journey was about me not him and I was going to enjoy myself, even if it seemed like I was just following in his footsteps again.

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