Ten Thousand Walks Part 48

Ten Thousand Walks

I may not have a sword to attack with, but I’m sure that the shield would hate if I punch them in the face with it. I ran up to the leader and he swung his sword at me, and this is when it got interesting. His sword came down and impacted the shield the shield absorbs the entire blow as it pushed closer to my hand. Then something I didn’t expect happened the shield extended in an instant it went from being just a little bigger than the palm of my hand to a full-size shield covering most of my body. I quickly pushed him back sending him flying, and then the shield did something else it retracted back to the original size.

I could work with this I thought, though I didn’t quite understand how the shield worked, I knew every time it was hit it extended, and once they were pushed off it retracted back. After about two minutes of fighting with it I started to understand how it actually worked. The back of the shield where I held it had something that I would push down to extend the shield, and once it was released, the shield would retract. Learning this little fact made fighting much easier, now I would swing my fist straight for them and extend the shield at the last possible second allowing me to hit them full force with the full front of the shield. Something that couldn’t be done with a normal shield because of how heavy it would be to swing, and how much air resistance it would have while swinging it.

I was able to keep them at bay for a few minutes, even though I couldn’t use any of the Phantom style. Turns out that I can’t actually fight without it, which I’m assuming would be a problem from how today went. Especially seeing that I still had three more packages deliver.

I got the leader in my sights and I launched at him. Extending the shield at the last second and pinning him to the ground. I could hear my carrier coming closer and closer, all I had to do now was get the payment off him and get away from him. I looked up and my carrier was just coming towards me, I release the button on the back of the shield. It retracted and as it did I let it go, grabbing the bag with the payment off his waste. The shield spun around and flipped into the air, and before he could do anything, I was gone with the payment in my hand.

I dropped back inside of the carrier sighing in pain I could see my hand was covered in the blood from my shoulder. I pulled one of the straps off and wrapped it around my shoulder to stop the bleeding. I didn’t turn the main switch on for the engine, I really needed to rest now, before I would be able to do the next delivery.

Luckily the last three deliveries were just regular packages, and they also weren’t that far apart from each other so I didn’t actually have to turn the main engines on until I finished that last one. Then I swished it on and fell asleep right after.

I finally got back to the city and was barely able to get out of the carrier. Everyone ran to me to see what was wrong, I climbed out of the carrier and fell to the ground. “I really hate you guys.” I said then I passed out from losing so much blood.

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