Ten Thousand Walks Part 47

Ten Thousand Walks

By the time I was ready to run again, they had caught up to me and soon after surrounded me. At this point I had nowhere to go, running was no longer a choice I had. It was time I stood and fought to protect the package. “Okay. Let’s be civilized shall we. I don’t want to get into a messy blowout battle, and I’m sure none of you do either. I mean come on nobody wants to get hurt today.” I said with an optimistic smile holding the package in my hand. I was still hoping they would let me go with the package, or give me the money for it and let me go. Either way I just wanted to get out of this place and avoid a fight. I really didn’t want to die today on my first day actually delivering serious packages. Well not so much die but I didn’t want to lose a package on my first day.

“Well you are right about one thing we don’t want to get hurt. But you’re wrong about the battle we do want to fight you.” Their leader said with a smirk on his face. At this point I knew things were going to go bad there leader drew a sword from his side, and they all follow doing the same. Now, it was at this point that I realized my serious disadvantage. I had no weapons whatsoever. Though if I had one I couldn’t use it very well, I had some training as a child on how to use a sword but I didn’t pay it much attention. I looked around as they slowly walked towards me with their swords drawn. Then realized something, the package I was carrying was probably holding a weapon or shield of some kind.

I dropped the box on the ground and punched the top breaking it open. In it was a small circle, I quickly grabbed it and pulled it out to see what exactly it was. On the back it had a handle just like a shield handle. I grabbed the handle and looked at the front, it look just like a shield but much smaller. It was a shield though I didn’t really get what it could shield being the size of my fist. But it was all I had and I was going to use it, I held it in my hand and ran straight for the leader. In my mind I was thinking it may not be a very big shield but it would be large enough to block a sword. Maybe that’s why it’s this size maybe it’s only intended to block a sword while your fighting, it would make it much easier to move around being this size over a normal shield. It would make sense a large shield in a sword fight most of the time ends up being the disadvantage to the personal with the shield. They always so heavy and bulky and they block the vision.

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