Ten Thousand Walks Part 46

Ten Thousand Walks

“Get off me you felt, how dare you put your hands on me.” He replied to me as he grabbed back the bag from me and kicked me to the floor. I needed to stall them for about five more minutes to get back enough strength to run, at that point I would have enough strength to take what I needed and then get out of here. my plan to do this was very simple; I would grab the bag that was filled with the money then I would just vanish.

The pad that I carried that had a small button on it that would signal my carrier to return for me, once it was pushed it would take about a minute and a half for the carrier to be above. Which means I just had to stall them for about three minutes. Then I would push the button and do whatever I could to avoid using my phantom until the carrier was above my head. But that in itself seemed like a nearly impossible task, there leader had already wanted to kill me so I had no clue what I would be able to do to keep them from killing me and to keep him from leaving at the same time.

Well, there was only one thing I could do and that was to take something they wanted, which was either the money or the package. And seeing that he was currently holding the money in his hand I figured I would take the package. I pulled myself up on his jacket again, but this time when he went to kick me away I moved lanching forward at the package. I grabbed it and rolling with it to my feet, then I started to run as fast as I could. They came running after me, trying to hit me with arrows and whatever else they had in their hands. “You fools what are you doing. He has the package in his hands if you keep this up your going to damage it.” I heard there leader yelling from behind me.

The arrow stop zooming by my head soon after, then I did something I probably shouldn’t have. I turned to see how far away they were from me and realizing they were a lot closer than I expected, I tried to run a little bit faster without actually looking where I was going so  I could just forces on running.

Just like everything else that seems like a dumb idea at the moment you think of doing it, it turned out to be a dumb idea seconds later as I tripped and fell to the ground with the package in my hand. “Seriously what is wrong with me, did I really just trip over my own feet, like seriously how did that even happen.” I said to myself as I flipped over to get to my feet.

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